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OMG! I know this is old (sorta) but i just recently saw it! >< AND OMG!!! HEECHUL IS JUST SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD HE IS MINE!!!! >< I JUST WANT TO STEAL HIM AND EAT HIM UP!!!! ^-^ (sorry Hannie! ><)
watch here~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRCEh7y_FS4

Taken (11/?)

Title: Taken (11/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk, KiHae, Eunhae(one-sided) (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon

I wake up by myself the next day, feeling lightheaded. I roll over to my right and see a very empty spot. Staring at it for a moment, I get up walking into the bathroom. My eyes are red from crying so much last night and I still feel very tired. Brushing it off, I shower and get ready in silence. When I walk into our my closet I pull out a shirt, I'm about to walk out when I see Hangeng's clothes lined up nicely on the rack. Staring at the shirts I start feeling angry and sad. I walk out of the room, slamming the door without a second glance. Once upstairs I head straight for the kitchen. Nobody is up yet, sensing the house very quiet and calm. Near by I suddenly hear someone breathing quietly. I turn and poke my head into the living room. There on the couch is a sleeping Siwon. His breathing soft and slow. He must have not had any other choice but to stay here for the night. Walking over to him, I soon realize how helpless he looks. He's always so protective and strong but not right now. Kneeling down right next to him, I watch him sleep for a few moments before he slowly starts waking up. He slowly blinks a couple of times before realizing that someone is watching him. Rubbing his eyes, he sits up halfway and stares at me.

"H-Heechul?" It takes him while to register what's happening. He then suddenly becomes fully aware, jumping back a bit in the process. "Heechul, what are you doing?" Giving him one of my famous smirks, I get up and walk back into the kitchen. Finding a sit on the table I wait for him to come in. A few seconds later, Siwon walks in and looks at me with a confused look. Returning his stare I point to the fridge, never talking my eyes off him. His eyes travel to where I'm pointing to. He returns to look at me, soon after a look of understanding appears on his face. He walks to the fridge and starts talking out ingredients, making something for me to eat. We stay in silence the whole time, even when Siwon places a plate with some rice and meat we don't speak. I eat quietly, a first, while Siwon sits in front and watches me. Getting annoyed and about to yell at him to quit staring he interrupts the silence.

"Heechul, where is Hangeng?" I suddenly get stiff and and stare at my food. I could feel Siwon watching me intently. "Why did you run out so suddenly last night?" Siwon are you really asking me this? You can be so dumb so sometimes.
"I don't know where he is." Replying with a matter of fact tone, I look up and meet Siwon. He watches me, looking for some answers. "I don't know where he is and I don't care. He decided to leave, he's not my problem anymore." I stare at him. Shock is written all over is face.
"Y-You don't... care for him anymore?"
"No." I keep myself from showing any emotion. Why should I care about him? He left, again. This time it was on his choice. He was perfectly fine when he was staring at Siwon feeding me. He could have came in that moment and taken me with him, but instead he decides to leave. He doesn't love me so why should I care about him? I'm over him.
"But Heechul, you love him." His eyes are filled with concern, just like Hangeng when he was worried about me. I stand up abruptly, pushing the chair back. I turn around not facing Siwon.
"Thanks for the food, I'm going down stairs to sleep more." Walking back towards MY room, I hear Siwon get up and yell after me.
"Heechul! You love him! You have to go find him!" Stopping where I was, I take a deep breath and answer.
"I did Siwon. I did love him. DID. Not anymore." I don't turn around but instead keep walking towards the room. Once in the safety of my OUR room, I sit against the wall.
"Who am I kidding? I still love you Hangeng..." I whisper to myself.



"Zhou Mi..." I stand before Zhou Mi and Henry at their home. Yesterday, when I-I left Heechul, I went to Zhou Mi's place to stay. Knowing no where else I could go, I headed over to there place. I remembered them from the time we came over to stay while going to our new house. Zhou Mi and henry gladly took me in when they saw me.
"Gege, where are you going now?" Henry asks. Smiling at him and Zhou Mi, I thank them for letting me stay for the night.
"I don't know for sure, but thank you for letting me stay." Henry looks sad at my departure.
"You don''t have to go Hangeng, you can stay here. We don't mind at all." Zhou Mi says.
"Thanks but I shouldn't. I have to go see Hee- I have to go see my family." I catch myself from say Heechul's name because they know that I ran away from her, not knowing why though.
"Don't go gege." Henry asks with wide pleading eyes.
"I'm sorry Henry but I have too." I smile sadly. "Thank you Zhou Mi, I'll be leaving now." I look at him. Zhou Mi smiles sadly and bows. Patting Henry head, I leave their house heading no where in particular. Should I go over to see Heechul? No, you can't Hangeng, you left her. Heechul is in pain because of you, remember that. But, I miss you Heechul. I really do. I'm so stupid for leaving you but I had to. Your hurt because of me, I'm so guilty. I-I hurt you, I badly hurt you. I don't want that to happen again. If I stayed with you any longer, who knows what would happen. It's for the best Heechul.

*30 minutes later*

Standing before Heechul's house,I ask myself what I'm doing here.
"I-I shouldn't be here." Panic and pain running through my body. I can't let Heechul see me. Turning around ready to leave, the front door opens. My body stiffens worried that Heechul will suddenly stand before me. I start sprinting out of their drive way hoping whoever walked out will forget about seeing me.
"Hangeng!" I stop and turn around seeing not Heechul but Siwon. Right then anger and jealousy fills me. He catches up to me and I wait for him to speak. Saying nothing, we stand there for a while awkwardly. He finally speaks. "Why did you leave?"
"Why?" I respond.
"Yes, why? Is because of what Heechul and I did yesterday? Cause if it is don't worry! Heechul only wanted to make you jealous, I do not like her that way!" He seems so shocked and scared. At that I could only laugh. He stares at me confused but then seriously. "Tell me why." Sighing, I think about how I could explain this. "Is it because you don't love Heechul anymore?"
"What?! No! Of course I still love Heechul! It's just better if I stayed away though..." My voice trails off towards the end. Siwon smiles then frowns.
"If you still love Heechul then why did you leave? Heechul is in pain because of you. How is that better?"
"I hurt Heechul. You saw. Heechul threw up because of me! If it weren't for me Heechul would be fine! I hurt her. I... attacked Heechul. Heechul could never forgive me. I bet Heechul hates me." I felt like crying right there. But I won't because Siwon is here and crying won't do any good. Siwon looks at me with compassion in his eyes. I glare at him, I never liked people feeling bad for me.
"Hangeng. Heechul doesn't hate you. She still loves you. Well she's mad at you for leaving but not because of what happened that night. Heechul loves you and misses you a lot right now."
"No. She's mad and hates me." I glare at him. He's lying, he's trying to make me feel worse.
"Is that what you want me to feel? You want me to be angry and hate you?" Both Siwon and I turn to the person who just spoke in shock. Heechul stands there glaring at me.


Heechul is still so beautiful. I want to, so desperately want to run up to Heechul and hug her. I want to to hold her and kiss her. I want to have her in my arms and just tell her that I love her. Love her so much. But I can't. Heechul stands before us glaring at me. Eyes screaming 'I hate you!'.

"Hangeng. I DO hate you. Hate you so much. I hate you for leaving me again. I'm angry because you hurt me and now I fucking have to go around throwing up randomly. If I never went looking for you, I would have gotten over you and have met some other guy who wouldn't have hurt me! You have been hurting me nonstop, and I HATE IT!!!" Heechul stands there yelling at me. My heart breaks. Heechul does hate me. Heechul's mad at me. Heechul doesn't care for me anymore. Isn't this what I wanted? Heechul not caring for me anymore so she could live better life and not have me hurting her. Then why am I am I hurting? Why do I have so dejected? So depressed? Heechul hates me. The Heechul who would make me smile and want to be around every minute of the day, hates me.

"I-I'm sorry." I look at Heechul with sad eyes. Feeling my eyes getting watery, I couldn't hold back my tears. Looking away for a brief second, I turn and try to smile as best as I could with tears in my eyes.. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry Heechul. I'll leave now. You won't ever see me again." I turn and smile at Siwon and walk away. I turn around once more only to see Heechul glaring at me, but her eyes seem more soft, almost whispering for me to come back. I shake my head and look back, Heechul glares at me with no emotion. Guessing it was only me imagining it, I brush it off. I take a few steps then break into run. I don't want to hurt Heechul anymore. If Heechul doesn't want to see me then I'll leave, its what she wants. Good bye for good Heechul. Tears start to fall down my face.



No. No, Hangeng don't go. Please don't go. I want you, I NEED you. I can't live with out you. I turn to Siwon begging him to catch him for me. He shakes his head and walk towards the house.
No response.
"No, Heechul! YOU go catch him! You're the one who loves him, not me!" He yells not even looking at me. I turn and try to see Hangeng but, I don't even see his body. My heart skips a beat, worried that i'll loose him forever this time. Glancing at Siwon, I smile and run after Hangeng. I run as fast as possible trying to catch up with him. I can't loose him again, and I won't loose him. Suddenly I find myself in a dead end also not knowing where I am at all. Running back the way I came, I find myself completely lost. I scream in frustration and run in some other direction. I find myself in a dead end, AGAIN and sit down. I'm angry, frustrated, scared of losing Hangeng again and tired. All of a sudden I hear footsteps behind me. I stand up slowly and turn to face whoever is here with me.
"Who there?"

A/N: Hi Hi! long time no see ;) i feel like this chapter is short and bad >< but i wanted to update soon so here ya go ^^ thanks for reading! <3

Taken (10/?)

Title: Taken (10/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk, KiHae, Eunhae(one-sided) (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon

I wake up running to the bathroom about to throw up. I sit in front of the toilet in the dark, since I forgot to turn the lights on, puking my guts out. After I'm done I close my eyes and rest my head, catching my breath. I hear someone coming to the door. I open my eyes, turn slowly with a blank expression, my eyes burning from being so tired, towards the door. A black figure stands in front of me turning the lights on for me to see its only Hangeng.
"Hannie..." He looks concerned. Hangeng has gotten much better at showing his emotions since he's turn into a 'crazy'. I hope he'll go back to being normal soon.
Hangeng: ' Heechul! What's wrong? Are you okay? '
"Hannie, I'm fine." I look away not wanting him to see me like this.
Hangeng: ' Chullie! You are not okay! Come on you need rest right now. ' He takes my hand, pulling me up and makes me sit on the edge of the tub. He pulls out a small plastic cup and fills it with water, passing it to me. I grab it and rinse out my mouth to get that horrible puke taste out. After that he leads me back to our room where we lay on the bed together. I rest my head on his chest hoping to fall asleep soon. Hangeng holds me by the waist pulling me closer. I start wondering what made me throw up in the middle of the night. Am... AM I PREGNANT?! No that can't be it. I haven't slept with Hangeng for almost a year. A whole damn year. What else? My stomach has been hurting since he attacked me. Is that it? Did he hurt me badly to the point where I throw up now? I lay thinking a bit longer before I fall asleep.

I wake up to the feeling of someone playing with my hair. I move my head and see Hangeng staring at me with soft eyes, his hands in my hair.
"Hi?" Hangeng hasn't done this in a long time, it fees weird but I like it.
Hangeng: ' Good morning Chullie. Sorry I woke you up. Are you feeling better? '
His eyes are filled with concern. Hangeng is just like Leeteuk, always worried. I roll my eyes. I pull away from his embrace, getting off the bed and head into the bathroom. Once in I squeal in surprise. My eyes are bright red, I have bags under them and my hair is a mess. I smell like puke too. Great just great. I need to take a shower right now. I turn to get a towel, when someone grabs my waist. I'm shocked for a moment before I turn and see Hangeng staring at me with soft brown eyes.
"Hannie..." He's back, at least for now. Soon he'll go back to being his quiet, non talking Hangeng.
"Heechul, you look fine. Still beautiful like always." He smiles.
"Oh really? Even if I smell like puke and look like I just killed someone? I'm still beautiful?" I laugh.
He rolls his eyes. "Yes Heechul, your still beautiful. Your still mine and I'll love you no matter what."
I turn and laugh again. "I love you too, now let me take a shower." I give him a quick peck on the lips and turn to get my towel, which I dropped when Hangeng surprised me, but Hangeng pulls me back clashing our lips together. I smile into the kiss when he begs for entrance so fast. I gladly let him, opening my mouth, letting him explore. I close my eyes and moan in pleasure before Hangeng pulls away. I open my eyes and frown.
"What's wrong?" I asked in a annoyed tone. Hangeng looks hesitant to tell me.
"Y-Your mouth tastes like puke Chullie, Could you wash you mouth please?" I stand there glaring at him. He looks away. I take a deep breath, stopping me from hitting him, and walk over to the sink to brush my teeth. In the mirror I can see him watching me. After I'm done I turn back and face him.
"Better?" I glare at him still.
"Thank you Chullie~" He smiles and hugs me. I roll my eyes and just stand there, I'm still a bit mad at him. He laughs softly. How I love his laugh. "Don't be mad Chullie. You know I love you." I look up and see him smiling down at me.
"Fine but-" I'm stopped by Hangeng's lips on mine again. I open my mouth, his tongue once again in my mouth. Our tongues fighting for control. I lose in the end, I can feel him smile in the kiss. We both pull apart after a while gasping for air. He then hugs me, I can feel his heart beating fast.
"Heechul." I look up, seeing his eyes filled with lust. "Heechul, I-" I suddenly throw up all over his shirt. We stare at each other in silence.
"Hangeng, I'm s-sorry." I don't like saying sorry but what else can I say right now?
"I-It's fine. Are you okay?" He says with a worried tone.
"Ya, I'm fine, I think. But Hannie, your shirt..."
"It's okay. But Heechul you threw up last night too. I think your sick." He takes a step forward, then back when he sees that I took a step backwards.
"Hannie, take your shirt off. It smells really bad and it's gross." He quickly takes it off and walks into the room putting it in a plastic bag and throwing it away. I follow him after brushing my teeth once again.
"Heechul, your sick, come here." I walk towards him, he puts his cold hand on my forehead. I stare at his perfect body in front of me. I have the urge to run my hand up and down his perfectly toned body.
"You don't have... a fever, thats good." I snap out of my little world and look up to see him watching me amused. I blush and look away. He was watching me. "Should we take a shower? I'd rather not smell like puke all day and I don't think you want to too." He suggests with a grin.
I grin back. "Sure."

After showering, which was a lot of fun I must say, Hangeng was still himself, which is longer than ever before, we went upstairs to see Leeteuk and Kangin eating.
"Good morning dear, are you hungry?" Leeteuk asked looking up. Kangin looked up too then his face slowly turned from being bored to amazed and shocked.
"Hangeng! Your back!" Leeeuk looked at KAngin then at Hangeng. Her eyes got all huge. I forgot that she hasn't seen him normal yet.
"Hangeng!!! How can this be?! Hangeng! It's so nice to see you like this again!" Leeteuk looked so happy. Behind me Hannie looked embarrassed.
"H-Hi Mrs. Kim." He bowed. I just laughed and pulled his hand walking towards the table.
"It's good to see your back. You won't leave and let Heechul cry like last time right?" Kangin laughed. I glared at him. I didn't want everyone to know. Hangeng looked at me for a moment then turn to face Kangin.
"I really hope not but it's hard to keep control over whatever is inside of me."
"Control?" I look at him surprised.
"Yes. It's like something is inside of me and it takes over my body. Right now I'm using a lot of energy to keep control over my body." We all stare at him.
"GD don't just stand over there and watch, come downstairs." Leeteuk says and we all turn to to see him blush and walk down the stairs.
"Hyung... you..." GD looks at him, shock written all over his face.
"Hello GD. It's nice to be able to talk to you after a long."
"Hyung... YOUR NORMAL!!!" He yells out.
"Duh, thanks for pointing out the obvious." I say. Hangeng just smiles.
"I'll be right back!" With that GD runs back upstairs, taking his phone out. He runs pass Kyuhyun and Sungmin walking down.
"Hyung...HYUNG!" Kyuhyun runs down the stairs and stands in front of Hannie. Hangeng laughs.
"Hi Kyuhyun, how are you?"
"Hyung!" Kyuhyun then hugs him. Hangeng looks surprised but hugs him back.
"Hyung, your back! How?! I thought that you would never be back."
"Well I have control over myself right now, I don't know for how long though." Kyuhyun looks disappointed. Kyuhyn and Hangeng are very close. Everyone stares at them, Sungmin finally walks down and stands next to Leeteuk shocked. Kyuhyun turns around and sees everyone watching him.
"Oh..." He walks away from Hangeng and walks over to her.
"Sungmin it's nice to see you." Hangeng bows a bit and she automatically bows back.
"Hangeng its to be able to talk to you." She replies. Hangeng smiles.
"Where's Ryeowook and Yesung?" Leeteuk asks.
"Still sleeping I think." Kyuhyun nods. "Hey can Kyuhyun and I go over to Luna's house?" Sungmin looks up at Leeteuk. Sungmin has some really weird friends. She's friends with these 5 girls. One of them dresses like a boy though. Kyuhyun looks at Leeteuk with desperate eyes, practically begging her not to let him go.
"Sure. Kangin's taking you though." She's so dense. Kangin groans. Kyuhyun sighs, then suddenly brightens up.
"Hyung! Come along? Please?" He asks Hangeng.
"What?! No!! He's staying here! Right Hangeng?" I look at him right when he turns to face me too.
"Um..." I stare at him in disbelief.
"Please hyung." Kyuhyun asks again. Sungmin just watches worried. Kyuhyun you better stop asking right now or I'll kill you later I think.
"Hey Kyu, come on, lets go together. Heechul wants to be with Hangeng just leave them be alone together." Sungmin grabs hold of his arm.
"But he won't be normal for long." He whines. What the hell is wrong with him?! He's acting like a child!
"Heechul..." Hannie turns and looks at me, I glare back. Are you really going to leave me for Kyuhyun Hangeng?! " Heechul, please? It's only going to be a while. When I get back I promise we'll hang out." Hang out? God damn it Hangeng! You finally come back and you ditch me for Kyuhyun and Sungmin with her weird friends!
"Hi guys!" Siwon walks in right then. Leeteuk looks at Siwon with a plead for help.
"Siwonnie!!~" I run up and jump in his arms. He catches me, which is good cause I would have killed him if he hadn't. He looks so shocked that I wanted to burst out laughing, but I didn't. Everyone in the room looks at me in utter shock. I don't usually jump on people, but theres always a first. Hangeng stares at me with wide eyes. Ha! Take that Hannie! I haven't even jumped on him like this. Jealous Hannie? I look up and see Siwon staring at me like I'm some lunatic smiling to myself.
"Hi Siwonnie~"
"Hi Heechullie~" He smiles mocking my tone. I guess he's not as freaked out as I thought he would be.
"Anyways I got to go, come on Kyu." Sungmin looks away and pulls Kyuhyun with her.
"Hyung! Come on!" Kyuhyun pulls Hangeng by his arm, Hangeng looks at me once more then smiles at Kyuhyun. I glare at both of them, Kyuhyun smirks. Kyuhyun can go die in a ditch I tell myself. Siwon just laughs. Oh he was watching me.
"Well I'm going upstairs. Heechul eat something." Leeteuk sighs and goes upstairs saying bye to Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Hangeng and Kangin as they leave. I don't say anything. I don't even look at them but I can feel Hangeng staring at me from Siwon's arm. Once everyone is gone I get off of Siwon.
"So what was that about?" He laughs.
"Nothing." I'm still mad.
"Nothing? Sure. Were you trying to make Hangeng jealous? Cause if you were it worked."
"Really?! How do you know?"
"Didn't you see him before he left? He was giving me the death glare of doom!"
"Death glare of doom? God Siwon your such a child sometimes." I laugh.
"Please Heechul do not use the lords name in vain." He sighs.
"Sure, sure." I roll my eyes.
"By the way when did Hangeng turn back to normal?" I laugh out loud. Only now he asks?
"Since this morning?"
"Oh okay thats good. I'm very glad that Hangeng is back." He smiles widely.
"It's not for long though. He'll change back sometime again. Although I would be happy if he were back for good."
"Why? Not that you'll be happy, I know that but why is he not back for good?" He sounded so shocked.
"Cause he can't control his body, at least thats what he says."I sit at the table. "Hey Siwon go get something for me to eat!" I demand pointing to the fridge.
"We're talking about something serious and all you care about is food." He shakes his head walking over to the fridge and gets me some of lasts night's cucumber kimchi."Is this good enough?"
"I guess, Leeteuk hasn't made anything else." He comes over and places the food in front of me with a fork. I suddenly get an idea. I smile evilly at Siwon. He groans.
"Now what?"
"Siwon. I want you to feed me." He stares at me like I'm mad. "Come on! Hurry up, I'm hungry!"
"Seriously Heechul?"
"Yes so hurry!" He sighs loudly and puts the fork in my mouth with food.
"Ah! Yummy!" I smile brightly. "Take that hannie!" I whisper loud enough for Siwon to hear. Siwon just stares at me in total surprise.


Hangeng POV

What the Hell Heechul?!? So not only do you jump in his arms but you guys feed eachother?! You smile so kindly at him! Heechul your making me go crazy here! I'm so jealous...

5 Minutes Ago...

"Hey Kyuhyun I know that you were only joking and playing around back there, so can I go back?" I ask Kyuhyun who walks in front of me hand in hand with Sungmin.
"Darn you caught me." He sighs and turns around grinning evilly. "Why you jealous?"
That makes me blush a bit. "What? No! I-Its that since, since I have control I want to be with Heechul. Plus its her brother, she won't do anything."
"Thats what you think. Hey Sungmin, aren't Heechul and Siwon super close?" He turns to Sungmin.
"Yes. They used to be together all the time when they were kids. They still talk about everything to eachother." She says looking at me.
"See?" Kyuhyun smiles.
"Well Heechul wouldn't do anything with Siwon. So whats she's flirty but with her brother?" I say but I really want to go back now.
"Kyu, just let him go. Stop playing around with him, were already late." Sungmin tells Kyuhyun, earning a groan from him.
"But going to Luna's is boring. All you do is talk and laugh about random stuff. This is fun."
I smile at Kyuhyun's response. He grins back.
"You know what?! Fine! Do whatever you want! I'm leaving!" She yells and walks off in the direction of her friends house.
"Crap. Now she's mad at me. Just go hyung." He runs off after Sungmin. I smile at the scene before me. Kyuhyun saying sorry sorry and Sungmin ignoring him. I run back to the house to go spy on Heechul.

5 Minutes Later...

Now here I am watching Heechul and Siwon be all lovely dovey together from the window. Ah! Heechul! You are in so much trouble tonight...

Hangeng POV Over


Ha Ha Ha! It's so much fun to make Hannie jealous! I can see him perfectly from here. He's so cute hiding outside in front of the window!
"Siwon. Hangeng is right outside, he's watching us. Don't look! Keep feeding me." I whisper looking at him.
"Poor Hangeng. Why ware you trying to make him jealous? What has he done wrong?" He puts another spoonful in my mouth.
"Cause, he shouldn't have left with Kyuhyun."
"Please don't talk with your mouth full." He sighs. I smile in reply. I glance over at the window and see Hannie jealous. I look back at Siwon and he feeds me once more. I smile really lovingly at him. In return he laughs. I look back at the window and see that he's not there anymore.
"Oh. He's gone."
"Really?" Siwon looks back to get a view of the window. "Your right, I guess he left and went back to Kyuhyun and Sungmin."
"Damn. He better come back..."
"Are you okay? You look a bit sick." Siwon watches me.
"Ya I'm fine-" I suddenly throw up all over the floor.
"Heechul!" He runs into the kitchen, grabs towels and comes back. Ew. This is so gross, twice in a day. He starts wiping my face after I'm done. "Heechul, are you okay??"
"Do you have a fever?" He puts his hand on my forehead. "No it doesn't seem like it."
"I told you. I'm fine. I think its just my stomach." Crap, now he's going to ask why.
"So your not sick? Well then why are you throwing up so suddenly."
"Siwon you better not tell anyone this!" I growl.
"Y-Yes." He stutters.
"Okay..." I look upstairs to make sure nobody is coming. "You know how Hangeng is a crazy right?"
"Yes, well part crazy since he hasn't attacked anybody." He looks so confused. "What does Hangeng have to do with you being sick?" Everything! I want to yell.
"Well, It's his fault." I lower my voice to a whisper. "He attacked me 2 days ago. It was after the 'accident'. His eyes were different, cold and dark. He beat me up, kicked me in the stomach so many times. I passed out that night." Siwon stares at me in disbelief. "I'm not lying. I threw up this morning and I woke up last night to throw up too."
"Y-You think its because he kicked you so many times?"
"Duh, what else would it be? It's not like I'm pregnant, so thats not the reason. My stomach hurts all the time now. I think her kicked me to the point to where I'm throwing up randomly now. It's really gross." I stick my tongue out.
"WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS IS A JOKE?! Why are you letting him stay here?! He attacked you! Not only that but he could attack Leeteuk, Sungmin or Ryeowook, anybody! Heechul! THINK! IT'S NOT SAFE!" He yells at me.
"Siwon shut up! They'll hear you!" I yell back.
"But Heechul, its not safe. Why didn't you tell Leeteuk or Kangin about this?" He lowers his voice.
"Because I love him! I'm not going to tell Leeteuk. If I tell her, she tells Kangin and he'll hurt him. It's not his fault! You heard! Hangeng can't control his own body! Hangeng wouldn't hurt me on purpose! I'm not letting him go. I finally found him after he went missing..." I whisper the last sentence.
"Heechul, I'm sorry. I didn't understand how you felt." Siwon looks at me sadly.
"Whatever." I look away towards the window. "I wonder when he'll be back..." I miss him.


Hangeng POV

"He attacked me 2 days ago. It was after the 'accident'. His eyes were different, cold and dark. He beat me up, kicked me in the stomach so many times. I passed out that night." Siwon stares at me in disbelief. "I'm not lying. I threw up this morning and I woke up last night to throw up too."
I could see Heechul flinch from the memory. Heechul I'm so sorry. I desperately wanted to stop. I yelled at myself to to stop but... I couldn't. Heechul I'm so sorry. Your in pain because of me. I promised to protect you no matter what but I have only hurt you.

"WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS IS A JOKE?! Why are you letting him stay here?! He attacked you! Not only that but he could attack Leeteuk, Sungmin or Ryeowook, anybody! Heechul! THINK! IT'S NOT SAFE!"
It's not safe.
Heechul, he's telling the truth. It's not safe being around you when I'm unstable like this. I only bring pain to you. Heechul, I'm sorry.

"I love you." You probably don't love me anymore though. I'll leave you. Your better off without me. Suddenly my body goes cold.

Hangeng: 'I lost control again. I'm sorry Heechul. I won't be coming back. I'll leave. Heechul, I love you. Please forgive me.'

Hangeng POV OVER


"He better be back soon. I'm bored." I whine.
"Just wait. Kangin just left like 10 minutes ago but, I still don't think its such a great idea to be keeping him in the house when he has attacked you already." I give him my worst glare.
"Were home!" Kangin yells out. "Leeteuk!" He walks upstairs. Kyuhyun and Sungmin stand in the door way taking their shoes off. Hangeng no where in sight.
"Where is Hangeng?" I ask. I start to get worried just a bit.
"He's not here? Hmm... I don't know." Kyuhyun shrugs. That makes me angry.
"Where is Hangeng, Kyuhyun?" I growl.
"I told you I don't know!" He yells. I run up to him and grab him by his shirt collar. Sungmin is shocked and stands there getting angry.
"WHERE THE HELL IS HE CHO KYUHYUN?! He went with you!"
"Heechul, please calm down." Siwon puts his hand on my shoulder to calm me down but thats not going to stop me.
"He's not with us! He got jealous on the way to Luna's and he went back to the house! Now let me go Heechul!" Sungmin yells.
"You can't tell me what to do." I glare at her then return to stare at Kyuhyun.
"He came back but then he left again. Didn't he go back to you guys?"
"No." He replies. I glare at him then let him go.

Where is Hangeng now? I need to find him. I quickly put my shoes on and run out of the house. It's sunset right now and its getting dark rapidly. I need to find him. Hangeng. Hangeng where are you? I feel helpless and scared. No, I can't lose him again. Not again. I run down the street not knowing where I'm going. Behind me, I can hear Siwon yelling out my name and other words but I couldn't think straight, all that I'm think about is finding Hangeng. I need to find my Hannie before he gets lost. I...I can't lose him. I run down the street yelling out his name with tears starting to fall. I search for him frantically.
"HANGENG!" I scream loudly. Suddenly Siwon grabs me from behind.
"Heechul! We need to go back! The sun is already down!" I stop struggling and look around to see the sun is already gone. "We need to go back NOW!" He grabs me hand pulls me along as he runs back in the direction of our house. Hangeng... I need to keep searching. Hangeng, why did you leave? I need you. Suddenly we hear a high pitch scream, I can feel Siwon stiffen up. He picks up the pace and I'm sprinting to keep up. Hangeng...

Later at the house, we both stand there panting. Siwon watches me trying to catch me breath. Leeteuk surprises us both by running to the doorway.
"Heechul! Siwon! Why were you two out at night!? You know that you can't do that anymore! Do you know how worried I was?" She yells at us waiting for an answer. After catching my breath I glare at Siwon and walk right passed both of them, heading for my room. I don't even bother turning the lights on when I enter. I lay on our bed and curl on Hangeng's side. I inhale Hangeng's scent that is all around me. A tear fell making me realize that I'm crying.
"H-Hangeng!" I start sobbing then.

A/N: OMGosh! I'm so sorry this is late!!!! I had this chapter done forever ago but it took me forever to type it D: I really want to finish this story so maybe there will be 2 more parts? 3? I don't know but less than 5 for sure >< many thanks to whatemili! she gave me the idea for the ending, since i couldn't think of anything else >

[HanChul] This is the real love on Twitpic

[HanChul] This is the real love on Twitpic
this is not mine but i wanted to share it ^-^

credit: iHeechulELF @twitter >


Taken (9.5/?)

Title: Taken (9.5/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk, KiHae, Eunhae(one-sided) (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Fluff (this chapter)
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon


"Uh... Hi..."
"Hi!" Eunhyuk stands before Donghae in the Kim's living room. He has come over to see Siwon again, at least that's what the family thinks. The real reason he keeps coming over is because of Donghae. He finds her t be the cutest thing ever. She wears jeans with a blue top with a printed fish on it. He's come over many times now that he knows that Donghae is staying here.
"Your back! What's up?" She smiles brightly, making his heart skip a beat.
"H-Hi Donghae-shii, how are you?"
"Just call me Donghae, Eunhyukkie." She pats him on his back on the way to the kitchen. Eunhyuk stands there with his heart beating rapidly. E-Eunhyukkie? His face feels likes its on fire. He smiles at the nickname then turns and follows her.
"Are you sick? Your face is really red." She points are him as he makes his way in. Of course that makes him blush even more.
"I-I'm fine. So what are you going to do?"
"I was going to make a strawberry milkshake. Do you want one?"
"Strawberry?! Yes!!" Eunhyuk who loves strawberries so much, can not give up this chance to drink something made by her. She breaks out into a smile and goes to fridge then frowns.
"We don't have any strawberries." Eunhyuk's heart sinks then rises again when he remembered something.
"I have strawberries at home. If you want we can go over there and get them."
"Really?! Yay! Lets go!" She grabs his hand, puts her shoes on quickly pulling him with her. Eunhyuk blushes and smiles softly, he loves the feeling of both their hands touching. They both run out off to Eunhyuk's house. From the staircase, Kibum watches them leave, glaring and gritting his teeth.
"Eunhyuk..." He then stomps back to their room. Donghae can be very dense sometimes, he can definitely tell that Eunhyuk likes her.

An hour later Donghae and Eunhyuk return laughing at something they were talking about.
"Yay! Now we have strawberries! I'll start right away!" She stands up fully after taking her shoes off and heads to the kitchen. Eunhyuk watches smiling following. He walks in, seeing Donghae already washing the berries. She is so cute! Eunhyuk thinks. Just then Kibum walks down the the stairs. Eunhyuk turns and smiles. To Eunhyuk, he thinks that Kibum and Donghae are only friends. He didn't know that they were sharing a room and dating. Kibum turns to look at him and glares. Kibum doesn't get jealous very easily but right now he hates Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk, himself, is momentarily shocked that he glared at. Kibum walks right passed him and hugs Donghae from behind. Kibum can feel her get stiff, then turn slowly around to see who is is.
"Kibummie!" She relaxes right away, giving him a hug.
"Hi Hae, where did you go? I missed you."
"Aw Kibummie~ I went to get some strawberries for my milkshake." She gives him a quick peck on his cheek. Kibum smirks at shocked face on Eunhyuk. Kibum hugs her and puts his head on her shoulder, he smells the scent of her shampoo. He smiles even wider when he hears Eunhyuk cough. He looks up and meets Eunhyuk who is glaring at him, when Donghae turns to around to look at him his, his glare disappears and he smiles at her.
"Hi Kibum." Kibum can tell that Eunhyuk wants to kill him right now.
"hey Eunhyuk." Kibum grabs Donghae's hand and starts playing around with it. He knows that he is being extremely childish right now but he wants to make sure that Eunhyuk knows who Donghae belongs to.
"Kibummie, are you okay?" Donghae is surprised by Kibum's behavior.
"Oh yes Hae, I'm fine." He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. Donghae blushes and playfully hits is arm. Eunhyuk watches all this, getting angrier by the second.
"Your mine, all mine." Kibum whispers in her ear seductively. Donghae's goes bright red. Eunhyuk heard every word and is at his limit. He makes a loud noise hoping to distract the couple, it worked they both turn to look at him. Donghae snaps out of her little KiHae world, Kibum smirking evilly.
"I'm going, I have to be somewhere." Eunhyuk walks out of the kitchen. Donghae walks away from Kibum following him. Kibum watches cursing Eunhyuk quietly.
"But what about the milkshake? You said you loved strawberries. Don't you want some?" Eunhyuk turns and sees Donghae's sad face. He smiles softly.
"I do but... I got to go. Maybe some other time?" He gabs her hands. "I promise."
"Okay. See you later." She smiles. Kibum swears he's going to kill him later for touching her.
"Bye." He glares at Kibum once more. Outside Eunhyuk returns home.
"They're dating? Damn you Kibum! And he's going to eat my strawberries!" He mentally kicks himself all the way home.

"Yes Kibummie?" She says walking back to the kitchen.
"Are you friends with Eunhyuk?"
"Yes I like Eunhyukkie. He's funny and nice." She replies innocently.
"You like him?" He pretends to be devastated. He's always been a good actor.
"Kibummie!" She runs and hug him. "I like him but I love only you."
"Y-You promise?"
"Yes! I love you Kibummie!" She gives him a quick peck on the lips.
"Promise me you won't leave me?" Donghae is very easy to trick. Kibum loves her too much to give her up to that monkey boy. Nobody is taking her away from him.
"I promise."
"Good." Suddenly Kibum's lips are on Hae's. He's roughly kissing her like there is no tomorrow. Kibum begs for entrance but Donghae is too surprised to give him what he wants. Kibum the bites down on her bottom lip making her gasp in pain, giving him entrance. He explores every inch of her mouth, earning little moans from her. Donghae pulls away after a while, gasping and panting hard. Kibum pulls back too, trying to catch his breath.
"K-K-Kibum...why...s-suddenly..." she manages to say.
"Because... your mine...o-only mine. I'm reminding w-who you belong to, not that Eunhyuk guy." Donghae blushes. She likes how Kibum can be so possessive. She knows that he's jealous. He looks like a little boy who is getting his toy car taken away in the eyes of Donghae.
"Kibummie-" Kibum then kisses her hard, making her forget what she was going to say. Kibum pulls away abruptly making her whine at the lost. He smiles when he sees her pouting cutely.

"Come on." he grabs her hand, leading her to their room. Kibum would rather not get caught since they are in the kitchen. Donghae stays quiet, knowing what is going to happen.
"Hae..." Kibum pins her to the wall right when they enter the room, trailing kisses on her neck, intending on leaving a mark. Donghae lets out a moan making Kibum smirk.
"Hae... I want you."
"Kibum... the... door..." She slowly lifts her arm pointing to the wide open door. Kibum stops, looks up at her for a second then looks at the door.
"Oh..." He pulls away, unwillingly, walks over and shuts the door, locking it, then turns around slowly and faces Donghae.
"Come here." She waves her finger motioning him to come, grinning.
"Gladly." He grins back walking towards her.

The strawberries sit in the kitchen forgotten.

A/N: Hi~ its a really short chapter I know! sorry! *bows* so I haven't really felt like writing Hanchul :/ so I wrote a short Kihae/Eunhae chapter ^^ I suck at writing smut so I just kinda left it like that >< hope ya don't mind ;D oh! and I want to finish the series soon so hopefully I can fit the important stuff in the next couple of chapters

Taken (9/?)

Title: Taken (9/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk, KiHae, Eunhae(one-sided) (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Angst (maybe?) AU, science fiction
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon

Last Chapter: They both turn their heads to look at me. I stare back in fear seeing their black emotionless eyes.


"L-Leeteuk?" I stutter. She looks back at me with wide, fearful eyes. At the same time 2 pairs of black, empty, emotionless eyes look at me. It sends chills down of body. Hangeng's eyes are black but not like this. Theirs scare me. Hangeng's eyes are different, they have some emotion. The first person, a woman, carries a knife with a blank expression. She turns around and starts walking towards me. The second person, a man, turns back to face Leeteuk and walks to her. You can tell she's shaking with fear. She looks at him then at me. She smiles softly when our eyes meet.
"I-I-It's g-going to be o-okay..." She says softly. Does she think we are going to die? I'm about to yell for Kangin to come safe us but I look forward and see those eyes. Her eyes. Those empty eyes that stare back. They scare me, I couldn't move or even make a sound. Just then I hear somebody walk into the room, I make myself look away from the lady and see Hangeng walking into the room. The lady stops walking, both Hangeng and the lady stare at each other. Hangeng he walks to me and stands protectively in front, pushing me back a bit. The lady watches his every move the walks towards us. Leeteuk suddenly screams, making me jump a little, I quickly look over and see the man very close to her. She shuts her eyes pressing herself to the wall as much as possible. Kangin then runs in, not even looking at me, runs to the man and punches him. Leeteuk opens her eyes and stares at amazement at Kangin then the man. I stare at them too. He doesn't even care that its a crazy. Does he even know its a crazy? I hear a faint pop and see tan Hangeng isn't in front of me anymore but, standing next to the lady, who is on the floor with her arm broken. I stare at them in complete shock. She's not even screaming! She's just on the floor laying with a blank expression looking up at Hannie. I then see a knife being stabbed into where her heart is. I look up and see Kangin pushing in the knife that she had deeper. Leeteuk is still sitting on the floor in the corner, shaking and staring at the dead body in front of her. Kangin makes sure that she is dead before run back to Leeteuk hugging her, whispering things that I can't hear. I lady lays on the floor dead. Hangeng slowly stands up and walks towards me. My eyes wonder from her face to his. He stands there staring back.

"You should go now." I barely hear Kangin say. I grab Hangeng's hands and run out, pushing my way through Yesung, Ryeowok, Sungmin and Kyuhyun who stand there staring at us. I grab our suitcases on the way down to our room. I run in and close the door shut. I need to do something to make me forget what just happened. I open the suitcases and start putting our clothes away. I walk over to Hangeng and take off my backpack off his back. I stare at him longer then necessary, the image of the lady's eyes pop into my head, I look away quickly and go back to putting the clothes away. I hear someone walking behind me. I turn around and see Hangeng behind me.

"Hangeng?" His eyes. There's something wrong. All emotion is gone. They're like the lady's. They scare me. I'm suddenly filled with fear. I've never once been afraid of Hangeng even when I saw him for the first time as a crazy.His empty black eyes stare back at me. He's going to kill me isn't he? I stare back, longing to see his beautiful brown eyes and hear his laugh. Hangeng, I love you. Even if you do kill me I still love you.

Hangeng : ' Kill... '

He stands in front of me. I can't even make myself scream. Kangin would come down here and kill him. I stop breathing for a second, at that moment everything seems to stop. I look into his eyes hoping to see anything, but nothing. He brings his hand up slowly, I flinch a bit but stand firmly watching his every moment. Hangeng... I'm too scared to even say his name out loud. I suddenly feel myself being pushed to he ground. I hit the floor, which hurt and look up to see him just staring at me. I don't know whether to be scared or mad. Right now I feel more anger then fear.I try to stand up but I suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. He kicks me again hard. My insides hurt, they feel like they are on fire. I choke out blood gasping for air. I start to feel light headed. He kicks and kicks again until I lose count. My throat hurts and tastes of blood. I lay on the floor gasping. Pain runs through my entire body. I slowly look up at the person standing above me. Hannie... His eyes stare back. I cough loudly a couple times before everything goes black.

My head hurts. I have a major headache. My stomach burns. I feel so sore. I open my eyes slowly and see nothing at first. Where the heck am I? Everything then comes back to me. Right we moved. Hangeng. I cough loudly, my mouth is burning and tastes of blood. I sit up and see dried up blood all around me on the carpet. Hangeng, where is he? It's dark in the room so I couldn't see very well but I can tell the out line of things. I stand up feeling lightheaded. I make my way to the bathroom, tripping a bit before I see him in the corner watching my every move.
"Hangeng?" I feel like throwing up. He just stares. I walk closer and notice that his eyes are all red and filled with worry. Has he been crying? I sit in front of him and stare back. He hasbeen crying! All night too from he look of it. His eyes are still black though. He's worried too. I can tell. Is he... worried about what happened last night?
"H-Hannie... I'm okay. I'm not mad at you." Okay maybe that last part isn't true cause I am a bit mad at him for beating me up,

Hangeng: ' NOT MAD?! LOOK AT WHAT I'VE DONE TO YOU! YOUR COVERED IN BLOOD BECAUSE OF ME HEECHUL! YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED BY ME! I'LL RATHER YOU BE MAD AT ME AND LEAVE ME THEN TELL ME YOUR OKAY! Heechul.... it's all my fault. I couldn't control myself. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I should have never gone and looked for you. I'm so sorry... '

"Hannie, I'm fine. I-I still... love you." I try to smile. I fell terrible right now. I just want a bed, clean clothes, a bath and sleep. I then suddenly find myself in a hugged.
"I-I'm sorry..." He whispers in my ear. I pull apart to look at him. Still black eyes but they are filled with emotions, love, worry, pain. I smile.
"Hangeng... I love you." I hug him back and he hugs me tighter.

After taking a shower, getting rid of the blood on me, brushing my teeth and getting as much blood of the carpet as possible I go upstairs hand in hand with Hangeng. He hasn't spoke after the hug but he's not emotionless anymore. Once upstairs I smell pancakes, Leeteuk is in the kitchen cooking with her back towards us.
"Hey." I say uninterested.
"Oh! Hi Honey." She smiles but she looks scared. "Heechul, you look really tired. Did you get enough sleep?" She asks with concern.
"Ya. I'm fine. I'll go back to sleep after I go eat. Hey did Siwon come by yesterday?"
I sit at the table pulling Hangeng with me.
"Yes, he did. He was here for a couple of hours. He came right after the... incident." oh right. The lady pops into my head. I shake it off quickly, I don't want to think about it.
"Are they still up there?"
"No. Kangin and Siwon got rid of them." She looks away. She doesn't want to talk about it.
"Why didn't you come and tell me he was here?" I start to get mad.
"Because I thought you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you up. Not that I would be able to." She looks back at us. I wasn't asleep. I was getting beaten up by my boyfriend. Thanks for not disturbing us. -_-'
"Is he coming back later?"
"Yes, I do think so."
"Sit down and eat. The food is ready." She sets down 2 plates with pancakes in front of us. "I'm going to the store later, what do you want to eat?"
"Fried rice."
"Heechul, you know I can't make that. Plus you only eat Hangeng's rice." She rolls her eyes.
"Fine." I go back to eating. I have a terrible headache and my stomach hurts, thanks to a certain someone next to me.
"I'm not hungry. I'm going to sleep. Come on Hangeng." I stand up and see Hangeng eating his food before he looks back at me slowly.
"Oh okay. Why don't you leave Hangeng here and let him finish?" Leave Hannie alone with Leeteuk? I don't know...
"When he's done I'll send him down."
"O-Okay..." Somebody comes down the stairs that moment. We both turn to see GD walk in.
"Oh, Hi." He hasn't been his golly self since we moved. he looks at Hangeng who is eating then me.
"Are you hungry dear?"
"Okay sit down."
"I'm leaving." I give a Hangeng one more look before walking away.
"Wait! Noona!" I turn around and see GD catching up with me.
"It's about... Hangeng hyung."
Hannie? "What about him?" I ask defensively.
"Nothing bad! But did anything happen last night, after the attack?"
"No." I 'm not telling anybody what happened.
"Really?" O-Okay, don't let him near any crazies though."
"Just trust me!" He then runs back tot he kitchen. Why should I listen to him! Kim Heechul listens to no one! Whatever, I'm too tired to care.

Back in my room I stare at the ground in disbelief. I need a bed! I rip the closet door open and grab 2 of Hangeng's shirts. He won't care. I roll them into a ball, a lame excuse of a pillow, walk over to the corner. I lay down, feeling my aching body. I'm SO tired. I stuff my face in the 'pillow', smelling a faint smell of Hangeng. Hannie...
When will you go back to being normal? I slowly close my eyes, allowing sleep to overwhelms me.


"I'll be fine. I just need to go somethings." It's so tiring trying to convince this guy.
"But Tuekie!"
"I'm leaving Kangin." I walk out the door, hearing him whine behind me. He can be such a child sometimes. I can protect myself. I don't need him always there for me.
"It's so sunny out today!" I say stepping out into the sun's strong rays. Too bad nobody is out though. I walk towards the direction of a store I saw earlier when driving here. I need to buy food for dinner later.

*After shopping*

Okay got the food! Happy day Happy day! I walk out of the store with 2 bags of food in both hands. Nobody was in there at all. At least there were no lines. My phone then rings that second. I look down and see it's from Kangin.

To: Leeteuk From:Kangin

' Leeteuk! Where are you! '

And they say I'm the one who worries too much. I sigh and look up as a couple walks pass me. The girl is jumping around and the guy is trying to calm her down, unsuccessfully. How cute! I walk over to talk to them. I simply must talk to them.
"Come on Kibummie~"
"Please~" She looks at him with puppy eyes.
"Fine." He looks away, then realizes I'm there.
"Hi! I felt like coming over and saying hello. Your girlfriend is very cute." She looks up at me smiling widely. She reminds me of a fish.
"Hi! My name is Donghae! This is Kibummie!"
"KiBum." He says.
I smile. Oh! They are just so cute!! "Hi Donghae, Hi Kibum. Where are you guys headed for?"
"No where really." The boy Kibum says. He's not really a boy but, he sure does look younger than me.
"Oh, would you like to come over to our house for dinner?"
"Yes! Come on Kibummie! Lets go!"
"O-Okay. Thank you." Kibum looks from Donghae to me.
"No problem! Lets go. I just finished shopping." I motion them to follow me.
"Don't forget! You promised!" Donghae whispers to Kibum.
"I know! Shh!" I smile to myself. Ah, to be in love at a young age.


I open my eyes and see two familiar eyes staring straight at me. I blink a couple of times more and realize its Hangeng.
"Hi Hannie." I quickly give him a peck on the cheek, even though I'll rather do more, and sit up. My head ache is now gone but my stomach still hurts.
"How long have a been asleep?"

Hangeng: ' 6 hours. It's almost time for dinner. '

"Right, thanks for telling me." I roll my eyes. 'I'm hungry."

Hangeng; ' Of course you are. You didn't have breakfast this morning and slept through lunch. Heechul, your too skinny, you should eat more. '

"Do you think Leeteuk is back from the store?"

Hangeng: ' I don't think so. '

"GOD DAMN IT HANGENG! ANSWER ME!" I glare at him. "You know what? Never mind, come on." I stand up and leave the room, Hangeng following.

Hangeng: ' I'm sorry Heechul... '

Once upstairs I see that nobody is up here.
"I guess she's still out." I walk over to the fridge and am disappointed when I see it empty. Ah! I'm in such a bad mood right now!
"Hey Heechul!"
"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?!" I turn around and see Siwon scared out of his mind.
"Sorry. Are you okay?" He asks slowly coming towards me.
"Oh hey. Ya I'm fine." It's just that my boyfriend won't talk to me, there is no food in this house and I HAVE NO BED TO SLEEP IN! "I'm fine."
"I see. Hello Hangeng." He looks at Hangeng. I turn and see that he is staring at me, I look away quickly. I'm mad at him right now.
"He says hi." I say coldly.
"Okay. Where is Leeteuk?"
"At the store I think." I sit on the counter.
"Hey Siwonnie~ Where is your boyfriend?" I smirk.
"Heechul! Don't even say that! It's a sin to love a man if you yourself are a man! He is only my room mate!" He defends himself looking outraged.
"Sure, when can I meet him? Was he here yesterday?"
"Yes but you were sleeping."
"Right." No I wasn't.
"He wants to come back, so he'll be here in a little while."
"Why doesn't he go to see his own family?" Siwon frowns and looks sad all of sudden.
"Because, his family was taken."
"Oh..." We stare at each other for a while before Leeteuk walks in with three strangers I've never met.
"Siwon! Your here! Heechul your awake!" Leeteuk says taking off her shoes before coming in with 2 bags each in her hands.
"Hi mother. Oh Eunhyuk your here!" Siwon says staring at a guy who is looking at the girl before he looks at Siwon and smiling gummy smile.
"Hi!" He glances at the girl once more before walking over to Siwon.
"And you are?" I ask.
"Oh. Hi! I'm Eunhyuk!" This monkey guy is Siwon's boyfriend? He can do better!
"Hi. Leeteuk and who are these people?" I point to the other guy and girl.
"Oh! This is Donghae and Kibum! They will be staying with us for dinner." She points them out.
"Oh hi. I'm Heechul and this is Hangeng." I point to him without looking.
"Hi!" Donghae, the girl, smiles. Beside me, Eunhyuk blushes a bit, weirdo. Kibum just bows.
"Where is Kangin? Ha has been texting me non-stop since I've left." As if he heard his name he runs down the stairs and captures Leeteuk in a huge bear hug, causing her to drop her bags.
"Leeteuk! Your finally home!" He cries out.
"Yes. Now let me go so I can make dinner." She pulls away, picking up the bags and starts putting the food away.
"Kangin! When will we be getting our beds and stuff?" I ask him.
"Later today. The moving people will bring it soon.
"Good." I want a bed to sleep in tonight.
"I'm going to make some cucumber kimchi so sit down. It should be ready soon. Heechul get the other down."
"Thanks." Leeteuk rolls her eyes.
"Your welcome." I smile back.

20 minutes later we are all sitting down at the table eating. Kyuhyun and Sungmin are staring at each other passionately. Gross. Ryeowook is eating and nodding to something about turtles that Yesung is all into. Siwon and Kangin are talking to each other. Leeteuk keeps asking GD questions, even though I can tell he doesn't want to talk. I'm staring at Eunhyuk who in return is staring at Donghae and Kibum is staring at Hangeng, who is eating.

After we are done eating Siwon says he has to go, he doesn't want to wait till it gets dark. Eunhyuk finally looks away from Donghae and agrees. Right before the leave, Eunhyuk mutter something about Donghae being cute it Siwon. I think Kibum heard because he then glared at him.
"Kibum, Donghae, would you like to spend the night over?" Leeteuk asks them. They both look shocked but grateful.
"Really? Thank you!" Donghae squeals.
"We don't really have a place to go." Kibum looks away.
"Really?! Well then, you both must stay with us! We have an extra room upstairs for you two to use.
"Thanks." They both say that the same time. Leeteuk smiles widely. She must feel good now. Just then the doorbell rings. Kangin walks over and answers it.
"Oh! Thanks!" he comes back with a huge grin all over his face. "Heechul, your bed is here."
"Yay!" The movers then walk in with my mattress.
“Where do you want it?” Man # 1 asks.
“In the basement, first door to the left.” I reply. He nods and heads downstairs with Man # 2 with my bed. Okay, I feel better now. I turn to look at Hangeng who is watching the men struggle with my extra large king sized bed. I then see Kibum staring at him too.
“Is there a problem?” I look straight at him.
“What? N-No. But his eyes...”
“Ya I know, he’s not a crazy okay?”
“You sure?”
“Yes. Yes I am.”
“Okay...” He faces Leeteuk. “If you don’t mind can we go see the room?”
“Of course not! Go ahead!” She stands up and leads the way. Sungmin and Kyuhyun walk away hand in hand. Eww. Ryeowook starts picking up all the plates and going into the kitchen to wash them, Yesung hovers and watches her. Kangin leaves to go tell the movers where else the other furniture goes. GD walks back to his room texting someone. That boy is always on his phone now a days. It’s down to me and Hangeng. I glance over and see that he is already looking at me.
“I’m tired, lets go back.” I stand up and head on over to our room, Hangeng follows as always.

Once down in our room, I grab the ‘pillow’ and jump on my bed.
“Bed! I’ve missed you!” I roll around. Once I’ve calmed down I feel my body ache. I start falling asleep right away until I hear someone getting on the bed. I become fully aware as I see it’s only Hangeng. He carries a real pillow and blanket. Where did he get those from? I watch him as he climb on and lays down next to me. I position myself so I can face him. He hands me the pillow, I throw my ‘pillow’ on the ground, and blanket. I warp it around us both. The last thing my mind registers is Hangeng pulling me closer to him and myself hugging him. We both fall asleep in each others arms that night.


From: T.O.P To:G Dragon

’ Not yet. It might take a while. I’m not some super scientist. ‘

I sigh. Darn, still no cure for Hangeng. Hurry up, we need that cure. I’m pretty positive Heechul got attacked by Hangeng last night.


A/N: Hello~ so I feel like this chapter really sucked but I was too lazy to try to make it better and my computer in my room has been broken for about a week DX so that sucks & I can't type it up as fast I would, sorry~ :( hope ya like it though

Taken (8/?)

Title: Taken (8/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk later KiHae (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Angst (maybe?) AU, science fiction
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon

Last Chapter:
Hangeng: "Heechul! Please don't cry! I'm sorry! But it was to hard to control.I'm sorry! Heechul! Please! Please... don't cry." Hangeng swears that his heart just broke.


Hannie, why? Why did you have to go? I thought you were back for good. Then you just left me. Hangeng please....
Once we return home Leeteuk comes running to meet us.
"You guys are fine!" she sighs in relief and hugs us each, hesitates when she stands in front of Hangeng but hugs him in the end. "Heechul what's wrong?"
"Nothing. I'm fine."

Hangeng: ' No your not Heechul. I'm.. sorry '

She drops it. She knows that if I don't want to talk, I won't talk.
"Go get your sisters and brother and tell them that we are leaving." Kangin says. I leave silently still holding onto Hangeng's hand. He walks along not caring. Not that he would care. We walk into my room, I make Hangeng sit on my bed. He looks up and stares at me.
"I'll be right back." I mutter looking away not wanting to make eye contact. I walk into Sungmin's room first.
"Sungmin were leaving." Kyuhyun looks away from the window, then quickly looks out again and smirks. Hmm, is there something outside? Don't care. Sungmin grabs her bag and nods. I leave then head over to Ryeowook's bedroom.
"Ryeowook, were leaving now." She looks up from a book smiling then frown when she sees me. "Unnie what's wrong?"
"Nothing." I leave before she says anything. I pass the stairs to go over to GD's room when I hear Leeteuk and Kangin talking.
"Oh dear that's horrible!"
"Shh! She might hear you!"
"Oh, right. Sorry." Great now she knows. Just then GD appears to be coming from the bathroom, can't really tell but he's already halfway to his room. he stops when he sees me and automatically hides something behind his back.
"Noona." He looks upset. He's eyes are all red, he's been crying.
"What are you hiding?" I don't care but I feel like I should ask.
"Never mind. I don't care. We are leaving now." He looks like he wants to cry.
"Yes." He walks pass me into his room closing the door. I sigh and go to mine own. Right when I walk in I see Hangeng sitting on the bed with his arm bleeding a little.
"Hangeng!" I run into the bathroom, grabbing a band-aid and rubbing alcohol. I run in and sit by the side of the bed and clean the blood off. It's not much at all, it's like someone gave him a shot, but its still blood and he's... hurt. I put the band-aid on and stop. I look up and see Hangeng staring at me.
"Let's go." I look away and grab his hand leaving my room for the last time.

Downstairs everyone is waiting with their bags.
"Ready?" Kangin asks me. Everyone nods. Leeteuk didn't want to go, she loved this house. But in the end she has no choice and nods.
"Does Siwon oppa know that we are coming?" Ryeowook asks beside Yesung.
"Yes. Lets go know." We all put our bags in the back of the car, I have to get the backpack off Hangeng, and climb in. Yesung and Ryeowook sit in the back with GD, he just sits down quietly and stares out the window. I sit with Hangeng on the second aile. There is one more empty seat next to him. Kyuhyun sits and Sungmin sits on his lap, resting her head on his shoulder. I get a bit jealous when I see that but no way am I going to tell them that. Kangin never thought that three extra people would be coming along, only Leeteuk and himself sit comfortably, the rest are squished. I would complain right now if not for the fact that I am very tired and just want to sleep. I feel my mind wonder in different directions until I fall asleep with Hangeng staring at me.

Hangeng: ' Sleep well, Heechul... '

I later slowly wake up to see the night sky outside the window. Everyone else is asleep for Kangin, who is driving, GD, who is texting someone, and of course Hangeng who stares at the ground like its the most amazing thing ever.
"Kangin, Weren't we going to stop at one of your friend's house to rest?" I finally notice the worried look on his face. We both know that it is not safe to be out right now.
"Almost there. We'll be there in like five minutes." I look around the peaceful car. Yesung is snoring quietly behind me. Ryeowook is resting her head on the window as if it was a pillow. GD looks up smiles sadly then goes back to his phone. Poor kid, he must miss his friends. Beside Hangeng, Kyuhyun sleeps with his arm around Sungmin's waist. Sungmin is in the same position that she was before I feel asleep.
"We are here." Kangin breaks the silence. He slowly wakes up Leeteuk.
"What!?" She jolts up fully alert.
"Don't worry. We are here at Zhou mi's house." He reassures her.
"Okay." She calms down and looks around the car. "Wake up everyone." She says it quietly but it wakes up everyone.
"Where are we?" Sungmin asks rubbing her eyes. Kyuhyun yawns.
"Lets get out quickly, it's not safe." Kangin says while opening his door and looking out. everyone then gets up and gets out. I'm first, pulling Hangeng with me. Ryeowook then Yesung. GD gets out the same time Leeteuk does. Kyuhyun comes out carrying Sungmin bridal style. It seems she feel asleep again. We all quickly go to the front door and Leeteuk knocks. We are introduced by a man by the name of Zhou mi.
"Hello! Please come in! Quickly!" He smiles. Behind him is a smaller man who smiles too.
"Thanks Zhou mi, thanks Henry." Kangin smiles pushing everyone in.
"Think nothing of it." The man I guess is Henry says.
"I have rooms downstairs in the basement ready for you guys." Zhou mi says after.
"Thank you." Leeteuk smiles gently. "Come on kids, downstairs we go." We all follow her down the stairs. I keep Hangeng close to me in case Zhou mi and Henry see his eyes. Luckily don't seem to notice. Once downstairs we see a big open area and four rooms.
"Okay, for tonight pick your rooms and go to sleep. We are leaving early in the morning." Leeteuk yawns out. "GD you can just sleep if your father and I. I hope you don't mind dear."
"It's fine." GD says.
"Night mom." Ryeowook says before going into the closest room with Yesung behind her.
"Good night dear." Kyuhyun bows slightly and walks to the room in the far left corner. Kangin quickly runs to open the door for him, since he's still carrying a sleeping Sungmin. I look at Leeteuk and smile, sorta, before walking to the room in the far right corner. I pull Hangeng along, looking up I see that he is looking around. I turn the lights on and see a bed that can fit two people in the corner and a empty closet. There's nothing else in it but thats fine, we are only staying here for the night. Hangeng walks to the bed by himself and I follow. He lays down on the right side and I just stand there looking at him. So, he knows that it's time to sleep. He doesn't sleep though, why is he getting in bed?

Hangeng: ' I bet your wondering why I'm getting in the bed. It's cause I want to be near you all night. '

Whatever. I'm too tired to care. I go back turn the lights off and stumble into bed. I lay down and find amazing comfort within this bed. Omg I LOVE this bed! It's soo soft! It's like a cloud... I need a bed like this. I move around a bit more then start falling asleep. Right before I enter dream land I swear I hear Hangeng saying ' I love you '

I walk up what feels like I only slept for a couple minutes, hearing Kangin outside walking us up.
"Shut up Kangin." I mutter. I turn around and see Hangeng staring right at me. It scares me a bit, seeing his face so close to mine. I jump away a little then sigh. I get out and stretch.
"Come on Hangeng, we should get going." I say not looking at him.

Hangeng: ' Heechul, your mad at me aren't you? I can tell... '

I go over to pull him off the bed but he moves away and glares at me.
"H-Hannie? Are you okay?" What's wrong with him? Is he mad at me? I didn't do anything! If someone should be mad it's me! I'm not the one who suddenly comes back then leaves! I once again try to grab his hand and this time he lets me. He turns and looks at me with emotionless eyes again.
"HEECHUL! GET OUT! WE NEED TO LEAVE!" Kangin yells from behind the door. I glare at the door this time.
"I'M COMING! JUST WAIT!" I yell annoyed. I look over to Hangeng and try to smile but fail. I promised him that I would stay by his side no matter what, even if he does try to attack me. We both walk out of the room hand in hand.
"Finally." Sungmin mutters beside Kyuhyun. I send her a dirty look.
"Lets go." Everyone goes upstairs and out to the car. Leeteuk and Kangin stay behind to talk to Zhou Mi and Henry. It's not bright out yet, the sky is still a dark blueish color. Kyuhyun protests that since yesterday Sungmin was on his lap, that Yesung should sit here today and Ryeowook should sit on his lap.
"But I don't want to." Yesung says blankly. Ryeowook just blushes at the idea.
"Come Yesung!"
"Yah! He's your hyung!" I yell at him. "Just sit down already and be quiet so I can sleep."
"Don't worry Kyu! You can sit on my lap!" Sungmin brightly suggests. Kyuhyun just stares at her.
"Um... I don't-"
"It's okay Kyu! Here get up." She stands up waiting for Kyuhyun to move. I grin at him. Serves you right for complaining. Kyuhyun blushes a bit.
"Sungmin is this-" He mutters before Sungmin interrupts him.
"Get up Kyu! Come on!" Kyuhyun says and stands up, he doesn't want to get in a fight with her. She sits down quickly with a smile and looks up to him.
"Come sit Kyu~" She pats her lap. Kyuhyun blushes and slowly sits. Sungmin smiles proudly, not even caring at everyone in the car is watching her. Kyuhyun just looks away. Hangeng watches the whole thing with a smile. Wait, HE'S SMILING! HANGENG IS SMILING!
"Hangeng!" I say loudly to make him look at me. He turns around slowly, me excited and scared waiting to see, to only reveal his black eyes. I felt like crying at that moment. He was smiling, I know he was but, when he turned he was gone. Everyone in the car stares at me. I look away and look out the window . Leeteuk and Kangin are coming towards us. Once they are inside the car, Kangin looks at all of us.
"Okay lets get going, we should be there before sunset." Everyone nods and start to fall asleep again. I yawn and turn to Hangeng. He stares at me with interest.
"Hangeng..." I whisper before falling asleep, he looks then smiles.

Stop shaking me! I open my eyes see GD's face only inches away from mine. I go wide eyed, what the hell is he doing?!
"G-GD?" My voice shaky.
"Oh good noona, your awake. We are here." He moves away and smiles softly. I sigh in relief.
"Okay, wait where is everyone?!" I look around to see the car empty, EVEN HANGENG IS GONE!
"WHERE IS HANGENG?" I yell. Where is Hangeng? He can't go away! Where is he?! I'm have to stay by his side! He can't leave! I've only been with him for like 3 days! Not even! Hangeng!!! I get out of my seat, looking around frantically almost knocking GD down.
"Calm down noona. He's with everyone else." I turn to look at him.
"Where is everyone?" I say slowly, but full with force.
"T-They are at Siwon's dorm room." He looks scared. Wait SIWON? I look out the window to see the sun out but sunset coming upon us and very large buildings.
"Wait, we are here?"
"Yes, I told you already."
"Okay, hurry up and take me to Hangeng! I need to be by his side." I order.
"O-Okay, come on." We walk out and get hit by the sun's powerful rays. I look in front of me to see GD's bright blond hair. I shield my eyes, its TOO bright! Why the hell did Leeteuk let him dye his hair that color? "Damn them for ditching me." I mutter to myself.

Once inside the building we take the elevator to the 3rd floor. This college is huge! Then again Siwon always wants the best and needs it to be perfect. GD stops at a door suddenly almost making me knock into him.
"What the hell GD?" I say getting angry.
"W-We are here, this is his room." He whispers. Hangeng is in this room? I jerk open the door with a loud noise and automatically see Hangeng staring at me.
"Hannie!!!!!!!!" I run to him and hug him surprising him for sure (even if you can't tell by his no emotions face). Then I suddenly feel 8 pairs of eyes staring at me. Oh, right haha everyone is here too. I cough and then turn around to meet them all. Everyone has the same stunned face except for Siwon. He's just smiling at me. I got to admit, if Siwon wasn't related to me I would so be dating him.
"Hello Heechul, It's nice to see you again." He smiles even wider.
"Hey Siwon." I grin back.
"I see your still the same."
"Hell ya!" He rolls his eyes.
"Please Heechul, don't cuss."
"It's not cussing! Hell is not a bad word!" I defend myself. It's nice to see Siwon again.
"Heechul, you finally woke up." Leeteuk says. I turn to meet the other 7 pairs of eyes.
"You ditched me!"
"You wouldn't wake up! We yelled at you forever and nothing!" Sungmin yells.
"Whatever." Kyuhyun just sighs and tells Sungmin to calm down.
"So Siwon, like I was saying we are moving into a house nearby here, like 4 blocks away." Kangin continues whatever I interruped. I roll my eyes and turn to Hangeng. He's been staring at me this whole time, still holding me with his arm.
"Why the hell did you leave me?" I scold me quietly so only he hears.

Hangeng: ' I'm sorry but you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you up, even though I can't wake you up. Leeteuk was trying but she gave up after Sungmin. She told me to come along, I didn't want to leave you but she pulled me with her. I had no choice, I'm sorry. '

He can't even say sorry. "Whatever, don't do it again okay!?" I turn around smile acting like nothing happened.
"Okay so we'll see you later." Kangin smiles widely.
"Yep, bye dad. Bye mom." Siwon says.
"It's so nice to see you again! I've been so worried!" Leeteuk cries out hugging Siwon.
"I'm fine mom, don't worry." He smiles.
"Come on Leeteuk, we have to go see the house."
*sniff sniff* "Right, make sure you come dear!" She says taking a step back.
"Of course, oh hey would it be okay if I brought a friend over?"
"A friend? Sure why not. We already have 3 extra people traveling around with us." Kangin rolls his eyes. Not only does that earn him a glare from me and Sungmin but, Ryeowook too! Wow, didn't know she would do that to him, I guess she doesn't like people talking bad about Yesung. Kangin goes wide eyed when he sees Ryeowook glaring at him.
"Anyways, we'll get going, bye dear." Leeteuk smiles and hugs once more before walking out the door with Kangin.
"Bye Hyung." GD says following. Yesung bows and walks out, same with Kyuhyun, Ryeowook hugs him quickly then runs after Yesung. Sungmin smiles, comes to Siwon and hugs him too before walking out.
"who are you bring? Your boyfriend?" I ask grinning.
"No! That would be a sin!" He's my room mate." He points to the the bed I'm standing next to. "His name is Eunhyuk."
"Oh. Darn. We see ya, come on Hangeng." I grab his hand and start to leave.
"Heechul wait."
"What?" I turn around.
"About Hangeng, he hasn't said a word. And his eyes..." I sigh, of course he would notice.
"Ah well see... He was taken by aliens half a year ago and I found him just a couple days ago and now he goes where ever I go." Siwon just stares completely shocked.
"I'm leaving." I walk out before he says anything else. Outside everyone is already in the car waiting for me. I got the door to see a grinning Kyuhyun and a way to happy Sungmin, in my spot.
"Move." I growl.
"Don't want to." Kyuhyun replies having too much fun.
"It's our turn." Sungmin says after.
"Hangeng would you mind sitting down and having Heechul sit on your lap?" Kangin asks looking right at Hangeng.
"I didn't think so. Sit down Heechul. We are only going to be in the car for like 3 minutes, we'll be there soon." I give him my death glare. Amazingly Hangeng then walks pass me and sits down in the empty seat and looks at me with empty eyes.

Hangeng: ' Come on Heechul. It's only for 5 minutes. '

Everyone stares at Hangeng in awe. He just moved and listen to Kangin! Does that mean he's becoming more human? I snap out of it and then look around, everyone stares at me.
"Get in Heechul!" Kangin yells.
"Please honey?" Leeteuk say. Kyuhyun just smirks.
"Fine" I mutter really quietly. I get in the car slowly, feeling all eyes on me, watching my every movement, and come to face Hangeng. I look away and sit on his lap. It's not that I don't like it, I mean I do like it! Hangeng is just so hot, who wouldn't want to sit in his lap? But when every person is watching you likes weird, I usually wouldn't care but... I don't know...

We stop in front of our new house.
"Wow~ its so nice! And big!" Leeteuk exclaims.
"We need a big house, now that we have 9 people including our selfs in our little family." Kangin rolls his eyes. Everyone gets out of the car and I quickly get off Hangeng's lap. Everyone gets their bags from the back, including me and Hannie, and walk to our new house. Once inside we see how big the place really is. A huge living room greets us with a really big stair case.
"WOW~" Sungmin and Ryeowook say at the same time. I really don't care, I just want to see my room.
"Are there rooms in the basement? Is there a basement?" I like having a whole floor to myself. If our old house had a basement I would have been living down there.
"Yes, I think there is. Why? Don't you want a room upstairs?" Leeteuk asks.
"No, everyone sleeps upstairs and it's too loud." I say grabbing Hangeng's hand and running to the staircase that goes downstairs. First thing I see when I reach the basement is a HUGE living room and off to the side a door. I guess that's the room! I walk holding hands with Hangeng and open the door.
"Wow. What a huge room." I say looking around the enormous empty room. I let Hangeng's hand go and walk to the bathroom that is connected to the room. I see a tub and a shower.
"Hannie~ We should use tub together!" I say just joking.

Hangeng: ' Do you ever change Heechul? '

I walk back and see Hangeng still standing in the same place.
"Hannie, the bath rooom is VERY big!" I say walking pass him an going to the walk in closet. It's big but it could have been bigger.
"Hey Hangeng we should start putting out clothes away." I turn to look at him. "Hmm, I wonder when Kangin will bring our stuff over? Or is he going to buy new things?" I mutter to my self. "Oh crap, we left our stuff upstairs, come Hannie lets go get it!" I smile and grab his hand walking upstairs once more.



This is my new room. I look around sadly. I liked my old room. Why did we have to move? I know the reason but still... I didn't want to move. My phone then vibrates.

From:T.O.P To:G Dragon

So I checked the blood and it definitely has the weird substance but there is something else.

Something else? I text him back.

From: G Dragon To:T.O.P

Something else?

Does Hangeng have some other weird thing in his blood? I sit down in the corner of the room and wait for him to reply. After a few seconds my phone vibrates. Already? Wow, that was fast.

From:Seungri To:G Dragon


I smile to myself. I thought it was T.O.P. I reply back saying that I miss him too and that if he's lonely he should hang out with Taeyang. Right then I get another text.

From:T.O.P To:G Dragon

When I brought the blood sample back to my house and tested it, it did have the substance but when I put it near the other blood sample that I got from the dead crazy, it got all weird and started moving. Both samples. it was really weird. Something about the blood being near each other makes it jump start or something. I don't know how to explain it but ya. Don't let Hangeng near any other Crazies or else he might attack.

Attack? I have to tell Heechul so she knows.



I come upstairs with Hannie to get our bags. Nobody else is down here. I guess they all went to pick their rooms. I pick the bags and put my backpack on Hangeng's back.
"Okay, lets go back and put our clothes away!" I say picking up Hangeng's suitcase. Right the we hear Leeteuk scream. I drop the suitcase and run upstairs.
"Hangeng come on!" I yell while running. He stares at me then starts walking to me. Ah! Can't he run? Whatever! He'll catch up! I run faster towards the loud echoy scream. Ryeowook and Yesung come out of their room sprinting to the room at the end of the hallway. That must be their room. I fling open the door to see Leeteuk in the corner with 2 other people, who I have never met, around her. They both turn their heads to look at me. I stare back in fear seeing their black emotionless eyes.

A/N: Hi! It's took awhile to write this but its done! :) I think Kibum and Donghae appear in the next chapter, not sure yet but Siwon is here! and Eunhyuk will be in it to! We saw Zhou Mi and Henry too :D... anyways whoever is going to the SM town concert tomorrow, have fun! I wish i could go *goes in a corner to cry* DX

Taken (7.5/?)

Title: Taken (7.5/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk later KiHae (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Angst (maybe?) AU, science fiction
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon



Hyung is back. He's not normal though. Why? It's like he's half crazy half normal. But when he came over he couldn't speak... his eyes were also black. I should go see T.O.P! I'm positive he will know! I sprint out of my room looking for mom.
"Down here!" She softly says from downstairs. I have to ask her if I can go over to T.O.P's house.
"What do you need honey?" She sweetly smiles as she walks into the living room to see me from the stairs.
"Hey mom!" I smile brightly.
'Yes dear?"
"Can I... go over to T.O.P's house?" I already know the answer, dad, wasn't here, he was with Heechul and Hangeng, so the answer would be no.
She smiles sadly and sighs. "I'm sorry dear, your dad's not here so I don't think so. Maybe when he comes back?" We both both know that once dad comes back we are moving.
"But... it may be the last time I see them!" I whine.
"I know honey, I'm sorry." I can see that she feels guilty.
"Fine." I'll just have to sneak out I say whispering to myself so only I hear. I go back to my room and sit at my computer. I log onto Big Bang's chat room (that's the name that we came up with).

< GD Logged On...>
< Taeyang Logged On...>
< T.O.P Logged On...>
< Seungri Logged On...>
< Daesung Logged On...>

GD: ' Everyone, meet up at T.O.P's house in 5 minutes '

Taeyang: Okay'

T.O.P: 'My house?'

GD: 'Yes, your house'

Seungri: 'Yay~ Meet ya there :)'

Daesung: 'Can't sorry :( parents say its too dangerous to go out >:l'

GD: 'Come on! I'm moving later today so this is the last time I'll see you guys!'


Taeyang: '*rolls eyes*'

GD: 'Sorry I didn't tell you guys, but once Hangeng and Heechul come back I'm leaving,so we need to meet up fast'

Daesung: 'Okay, so tell me how do I go over?'

GD: 'Sneak out'

T.O.P: 'Since when do you sneak out? And when did Hangeng get back?!?'

GD: 'Since now. Heechul does it all the time, how hard is it? Long story tell ya later'

Seungri: 'Okay fine, meet you there >:'
< Seungri Logged Out...>

Daesung: 'He's mad, anyways sneak out? I don't know I'll try. I'll text you later if I get out'

GD: 'Okay :)'
< Daesung Logged Out...>

Taeyang: 'My parents don't care if I go out so I'll see you guys there'
< Taeyang Logged Out...>

T.O.P: 'Why are you sneaking out? Can't your parents bring you?'

GD: 'I asked Leeteuk but since Kangin isn't here, she won't let me. No way am I not going'

T.O.P: 'Why are we meeting up anyways?'

GD: 'Like I said Hangeng is back and its confusing'

T.O.P: 'How so'

GD: 'I'll tell ya later, Got to figure out how to sneak out >:) see ya!'
< GD Logged Out...>

T.O.P: 'Nobody says good bye anymore...'
< T.O.P Logged Out...>

I've seen Heechul sneak out a lot. It can't be that hard. I look out the window in my room. Hmm I could always climb out and down the tree, since its right next to the window. Yep! I'll do that. I open my window and right the Kyuhyun walks in.
"Hey GD I- What are you doing?" Motioning my open window.
"Oh! Hi hyung! Um, nothing!' Crap he saw me!
"Sure... where are you going?" Great now I have to tell him. I sigh.
"Fine, but don't tell anyone! Especially Mom!" I warn.
"Sure whatever, where are you going?"
"I'm going over to T.O.P's house to meet my friends. I'll be back in like 20 minutes." I look at my watch reading 10:10 AM.
"Okay." He just stands there. I look around.
"Is that all?"
"Yes." Awkward silence.
"Okay I'll just be leaving then." I say going through the window grabbing the tree. Kyuhyun walks to the window to watch me with a evil grin. This is harder than I thought. Stupid tree! STOP SHAKING! I finally reach the ground. I look up to my window to see Kyuhyun walking away. Wow, i just snuck out. Wow~ this is so cool! I feel, what's the word I'm look for? Happy? No... feel bad hahaha I'm bad~ I then run towards T.O.P's.

I've been to his house many times, so I walk right in like it's my own house.
"Hello G Dragon." Mrs. Choi greets me at the door.
"Hello Mrs. Choi." I bow in respect.
"T.O.P is in his room, Taeyang and Seungi are in here too."
"Great! Thanks!" I run upstairs to his room.
"Hey guys! I say walking in.
"Hyung!" Seungri squeals.
"Hey." Taeyang says from T.O.P's bed.
T.O.P himself is sitting at his computer, he gives me one look then says hi. I smile looking at my friends. Here's Seungri the youngest of us, he's 10. T.O.P, who is a year younger than me, 13. Then Taeyang, who is 12. Daesung is 11 but where is he? I frown.
"Has Daesung called you guys? I haven't gotten a text from him yet." I look at my phone, lollipop 2, seeing 'No New Messages'.
"No not yet." Taeyang responds.
"Do you think he got caught?" Seungri asks.
"Talking about getting caught, did you get caught?" T.O.P asks not even looking up from his screen.
"Yes! Kyuhyun saw me! But he let me go."
"Oh, Kyuhyun hyung is cool, I like him." Taeyang says.
'Oh~ You like him~" Seungri says with a grin. I roll my eyes. Taeyang just gives him a look. I then feel my phone vibrating.
"Oh hey Daesung's text!" I say reading it.

From: Daesung To: G Dragon
omg I'm out!! It feels so cool!

I smile. I know what he means.
"He's coming." I say looking up to see everyone staring at me.
"Great!" Seungri smiles.
"So, when are you moving?" Taeyang asks. Seungri frowns once he hears that.
"I'll be leaving as soon as Heechul comes back."
"I don't like Heechul..." T.O.P says from his computer.
"She's ok, I guess. She's just... unique." I say shrugging.
"Very." Seungri smiles once again.
Right then Daesung walks in. "Hey guys." I turn around and smile. We both then sit down on the floor next to the bed.
"Hehe Now that we are all here we can start..." I say grinning evilly like Kyuhyun earlier.
"Start what?" Taeyang asks laughing quietly.
"Nothing i just felt like doing that!" I smile then frown. "Okay so really, Hangeng is back, like I told you earlier. He was taken by those... things. Heechul says that she found him at his apartment when she was there last might. He's not normal though. But he's not a crazy!" I say quickly at the look that Seungri is sending me. "His eyes are black, there is no emotion in them. He doesn't talk either. It's like he lost his voice." T.O.P is thinking hard, I can tell. Daesung is just looking at the others. Taeyang is frowning and Seungri is... playing with some bouncy ball he found under the bed.
"Hmm, Is he pale like the crazies?" Seungri asks not looking interested at all.
"Not really. I mean he's sorta pale but not nearly as pale as crazies."
"Has he attacked anyone yet?" Taeyang asks.
"No. Heechul was with him all last night and she said that he didn't attack her."
"So it's like he's half human half crazy." Daesung says looking at me.
"That's what I said too."
"Fail experiment. They were working on him and it didn't work. The injection that they used didn't work. He must be resisting. But since he looks like a crazy they put him back on Earth." T.O.P finally speaks up. We all look at him with wide eyes. How did he know this?
"I-Injection?" I ask.
'yes. I found a dead crazy next door and I wanted to know what makes a crazy, crazy. So... I took a blood sample." Seungri looks like he's going to throw up.
"Your like some mad scientist." Taeyang says while laughing. T.O.P just shrugs.
"There was something in the blood that I never saw before though, I looked it up on the internet and nothing."
"So that's how they are doing it." I say quietly. T.O.P nods. I look down at my watch reading 10:25.
"I should get going. I've seen how mad Leetuek gets when Heechul gets home after sneaking out." Taeyang looks at me sadly. Seungri runs into my arms as I get up.
"Don't leave hyung! PLEASE! I'll MISS YOU!!!!" He cries. I pat his head.
"I'll be fine, don't worry about me. I'll be okay." I direct the sentence to everyone in the room. Daesung starts to tear up a bit. Taeyang nods and smiles. T.O.P just stares. I'm going to miss them. I've known them each for so long. I smile trying to hold back the tears that are close to falling. I hug Seungri then Daesung, walk over to Taeyang, we both smile and hug eachother. Lastly I go over to T.O.P and we stand awkwardly and hug, halfway. I turn to face all of them.
"I'll miss you guys. Make sure to email me whenever something happens! Got it?!" I smile brightly hiding the fact that I want to cry. Taeyang nods same with T.O.P. Seungri cries loudly and clings onto me once more. I pat his head, once more.
"Don't worry. We'll see each other again someday. Plus we'll be emailing together so it'll be like I never left."
"NO! It will not be the same!"
"Seungri let go he has to go now." Daesung says trying to pull him away. He struggles a bit but it able to get him off, he is just too strong. Seungri gives up and cries on his shoulder. I smile at all of them then walk out. Once out the door I hear Seungri wails and cries out my name. I let a tear fall once I leave the house. I walk slowly home sadly when I realize something important, I take out my phone and text T.O.P.

From: G Dragon To: T.O.P
Hey I'm going to take a blood sample of Hangeng's blood and leave it in the house, so once I move you can come pick it up and test it to see if you can find some cure or something

I put my phone away and walk home slowly. I reach the tree, climb it and lay on my bed. My phone then vibrates.

From: T.O.P To: G Dragon
Good idea, thanks. I'll pick it up later then. Bye hyung.

That surprise me a bit. T.O.P has never called me hyung. I smile to myself and let the tears fall. I'm going to miss them, so much.



A/N: OMG! you have NO idea how tried I am right now! anyways my friend was complaining how GD wasn't in the chapters enough so now he has his own chapter! happy Bri?! yep... next chapter will have all the main characters again^^ oh so I don't really know how the members of Big bang are like, i just listen to their music, so this is how i see them as kids ok?^^

Taken (7/?)

Title: Taken (7/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk later KiHae (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Angst (maybe?) AU, science fiction
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon

Last Chapter:
I'm so dead.


Hangeng is really here with me. I'm not dreaming. He's really next to me. How I've missed the feeling of his hand in mine. I've missed him so much.

I look to see Hangeng staring at the sidewalk. Hangeng, I'm so glad your okay and here with me. Your not well right now but don't you worry I'll change you back! I promise.

"Hannie? Can you hear me?" He then looks up slowly and meets my eyes.
'I'll take that as a yes. So do you... have the argue to... kill me?" he just stares.

Hangeng: Yes. I'm sorry Heechul. I'm tying hard but I can't overcome it. It's amazing that I can even talk to you right now.

"Hmm well I can't tell if thats a yes or no. Even if you do attack me, I won't ever leave you. I will stop you." I smile.

Hangeng then smiles to himself. " Thats what I love about you Heechul. Thank You."

"I've missed you Hangeng."

Hangeng: I've missed you too, so much. And it hurts not being able to hug you or touch you.

"I hope those things didn't do anything to hurt you. If they did I'll kill them all! They took your beautiful eyes and your voice. Does things will pay!" I punch the air.

Hangeng: "To tell you the truth, I can't really remember what happened."

"Well anyways we'll be home in about 2 minutes. Leeteuk will be so happy to see you! Kangin... I'll protect you! I won't let him get near you!" I give him my most determined look. "I wonder what Wookie and Sungmin will say..." I get lost in thought.

Hangeng then laughs softly. Then looks a bit worried. "Heechul, do you really think its a good idea to take me to your family? I'm still not right and I don't know how long I can control myself."

"Oh! Hannie!" I suddenly remember about moving. "My family is moving today, that is if they didn't leave without me.. I think we are moving closer to Siwon's college. You know how worried Leeteuk gets." I roll my eyes. " Anyways, your coming along. I'm not letting you out of my slight. I don't care what my parents say, your coming too!" Right when I look up at him he goes back to looking at the ground.

Hangeng: "Your still so demanding." He sighs. " I don't want to leave you either. I always want to stay by your side. No matter what. It's not like I have any other place to go.

"We are here. Great Leeteuk is going to be so mad, but hey at least I finally found you." I smile at him and he turns to look at me with his black eyes.

"Leeteuk, I'm home!!!!!!" I yell out. Right then, not even 2 seconds pass before Leeteuk is hugging the life out of me.
"Heechul! Oh Heechul! Your safe! Heechul!!!" She looks up, her eyes are bright red, she must have been crying last night and had not gotten any sleep.
"M-Mom, I'm fin, just let go or you'll kill me. I can't breathe!'" (A/N I can't breathe, I can't breathe~ hehe)
"Oh Heechul, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA-" then she gasps. Her eyes are filled with shock. "H-Hangeng?" She barely whispers. I quickly stand in front of him protectively, ready for a fight.
"I found Hangeng last night when I was at his house. Isn't it great? Hangeng's back!" She takes a few steps back looking scared.
"Heechul, his eyes..."
"Ya I know, black eyes, but I was with him all last night and he hasn't done anything. ANYTHING! When I found him he didn't talk at all. I think he lost his voice. He just stares into space all the time."

Hangeng: "Hey! It's not my fault."

"K-Kangin?" She yells out.
"Leeteuk! Why did you call Kangin!? He's going to hurt him!" I yell. I look over at Hangeng who is staring at Leeteuk with a lank expression.
"Yes?" Kangin then walks into the room looking at Leeteuk first before seeing Hangeng. He quickly runs to protect Leeteuk and grabs my hand in the process to et me away from him.
"What the hell?!?" I yell struggling to get away from him. Once successful I run back to Hannie and stand protectively in front of him.
"Heechul! It's not him! Look a his eyes!!! Get away from him!"
"No! Don't you dare hurt him! He's perfectly safe to be around! i was with him all last night and he didn't once attack me! I finally found Hangeng, I'm NOT letting him go!" I try to catch my breathe. That seemed to calm Kangin down, a bit.
"Honey, listen. Look, this whole time Hangeng hasn't done anything to us. He hasn't even moved. I think Heechul is right. I think it's safe." Leetuek says from behind Kangin. She then walks around him and towards Hangeng and I.
"Hello Hangeng. Can you hear me?"
She smiles. "So you did lose your voice. I'm sorry. I'll miss your soft voice. Well it's nice to see you again. Your welcome to stay with us." At that Kangin goes wide eyed and opens his mouth to protest but keeps quiet. "Please stay with us." Hangeng stays quiet (not that I as expecting him to answer)
"He would love to." I answer for him.
"Great! Hangeng, welcome to the family! Kyuhyun and Yesung are already living with us too, so don't think your a burden." She then turns to mme. "heechul. Oh Heechul." She sighs. " Do you have any idea how worried we were last night! Never, NEVER do that again! Wookie was uncontrollable. She wanted to go out and look for you! She was crying all night! Sungmin was also worried. She felt bad that she left you to come back home. Not to mention G, he was crying too. don't ever do that Heechul!" She teared up just think about it.
"I won't." I felt guilty but I wasn't going to tell her that. 'So what time will we be leaving?"
"Well we waited for you, so we are leaving in about... an hour?" She says looking at Kangin.
"Yes, so Heechul go get your stuff and you might want to go to Hangeng's apartment and et his things, of course I'm coming along. So hurry up, get your things ready and tell your siblings your safe." Kangin respones.
"Fine. Come on Hannie~" I grab his hand and pull him along. Once on the stairs I overhear Kangin asking if it's safe to have Hangeng in the house.
"Yes. Did you see how depressed Heechul was when he was gone? She wouldn't even eat! I won't let that happen again! We are letting Hangeng stay!" Kangin then sighs.
"Fine but we are no letting the other kids be around him alone. They must always be with someone else." So he thinks Hangeng is dangerous. Well I'll prove him wrong, he's fine and I will find a way to change him back!

I walk into my and look around for my backpack. I grab it and look through it, finding the picture that Wookie took.
"Hannie look! Do you remember this picture?" I ask, shoving the picture into his face.

Hangeng: " I remember this. You got really mad at Ryeowook for taking it. That was also some major tooth ache.

He doesn't show any emotion but he's looking at the picture.
"Okay well let's put this back in here." I say putting it back. "Here put the backpack on and then we'll go over to your apartment and get your stuff." I say while putting the bag on his back.

Hangeng: "Still so demanding and making me carry your things even when I can't speak."

"Oh! I should tell everyone that I'm back and that your back too!" I smile at him. "Lets go!

First stop is Wookie. Right when I open her bedroom door, she is in my arms crying.
"Unnie! I'm SO glad that your okay! Do you know ho worried I was?" She sobs. Poor Ryeowook. She must have been really worried. I need to help her more often, she is after all the person who told me Hangeng was still alive.
"I'm fine Wookie," I pat her back. " Hello Yesung, How are you?" I ask him. He's standing right behind Ryeowook staring at me.
"I'm fine, thank you. What happened last night? Sungmin came back without you just saying that you went to Hangeng's house and that you'll be back soon." They both look at me.
"Oh right. Well guess what? I found him!"
"Found what?"Yesung asks. Ryeowook just stares, she knows what I mean.
"You... you found him?" She whispers.
"Yes. Hannie come here." This whole time Hangeng was standing behind the door out of their view.. Once he comes to view Ryeowook gasps. Right away Yesung pulls her behind him.
"His eyes." He explains when I glare at him.
"Hangeng-oppa..." Wookie breathes.
"Chill Yesung, he's fine. He's not dangerous. I was with him all last night. He didn't attack me once. Plus its bright out, you knows those things don't come out at night. It's fine." Poor Hannie, everybody is scared of him. Ryeowook steps away from Yesung and comes toward us. Yesung gives her a look before joining her.
"Um,why is he pale looking? And his eyes, why?" She asks.
"I'm not too sure but yesterday he was really pale, it's better to day. Less pale. As for his eyes I don't know either."
"Hyung, what happened?" Yesung asks.
"Oh and he can't talk."
"Oh, Hyung can you hear me? It's nice to see you again. I'm sure Heechul will find a way to change you back."
"Hangeng-oppa, I'm sorry. I'm glad your back." Ryeowook slightly bows.

Hangeng : "I'm glad your both fine. Thank you for welcoming me. :)

"Okay, well we are leaving in about an hour, so get ready. I have to tell Sungmin and GD I'm fine."
"Okay, bye unnie I'm very happy that your safe," she says with a hug. "Oh! And you too Hangeng-oppa!" She smiles.
"Bye hyung." Yesung bows. I then leave with Hangeng. Well that went well. They didn't try to hurt Hannie. Yesung has always been protective of Wookie so it's fine I guess. I stop when I reach Sungmin's door.
"Ready Hangeng?" This time we are both going in at the same time. I open the door, pushing Hangeng in before me. The room is them filled with the noise of Sungmin's scream. Kyuhyuhn jumps out of the bed and runs to protect her. I then decided to pop put from behind Hangeng.
"Sungmin! Hangeng is your elder! Treat him with respect! You too Kyuhyun!" I yell. Sungmin just stares at Hangeng clenching onto Kyuhyun's arm.
"Hyung?" He swolles loudly before asking.
"Well he can't speak but yes this is Hangeng." Kyuhyun has a good relationship with Hangeng before he was taken. He was pretty upset when he found out. He steps away from Sungmin, leaving her wide eyed, and comes to stand in front of him.
"Hyung, is that really you? Can you hear me?"
"Why does everyone ask if he can hear you? Of course he can! He's not deaf! Sungmin come say hi! Don't just stand there staring! It's rude! He's been gone for half a year and all you do is stare!" Hengeng then decides to look away from Kyuhyun to her. She jumps a little them comes forward.
"Hello." She bows. Hangeng just looks.

Hangeng: "Heechul be nice. You can't expect people not to be afraid and to forget the fact that I look different." He sighs. "Hello Kyuhyun, how have you been? Sungmin, I hope that you both have been well since I left."

"I'm leaving. I got to tell GD I'm fine then go over to Hangeng's apartment." Kyuhyun looks a bit disappointed but nods. Sungmin looks relived. I leave closing their door.
"Okay Hannie, almost done." I say pulling him to GD's room. I then barge into his room.
"I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!" It scares him a little, making him jump. He runs up to me and hug me.
"Hey little bro, what's up? Missed me?" I grin.
"Noona! I'm so happy that your back!" Mr. Sunshine smile.
"Looks whose with me." I point to the hallway. He looks confused for a second then obeys and looks out.
"Hyung!!!" He yells. I smile. Finally, someone who isn't afraid.

GD turns to me with a bight smile. "Noona! Hyung is with you! Where did you find him? I thought he has taken!"
"Last night I found him when I was at his apartment."
"Why isn't he talking?"
"I don't know."
"Hmm... I bet it has to do with his eyes and those things. I bet they experimented on him, disturbing something in his vocal cords, making him lose his voice. Hmm... maybe a fail crazy? cause he doesn't seem to be wanting to attack us." I stare at him with wide eyes.
"How did you know about crazies? Leetuek didn't-"
"Didn't want anybody to tell me? I know. I'm not an idiot. I overheard you guys talking that day from my room. Anyways I'm going to call Taeyang and Seunggi right now before we leave." He sighs sadly.
"Um, okay? Bye. Come on Hannie. Lets go to your apartment now!"

Hangeng: "Goodbye G- Dragon. It was nice to see you again." He smiles softly.

I walk out holding Hangeng's hand. "Too bad Kangin has to come along." I mutter to myself.

"Hey Kangin" I yell from the stairs. He then appears from the kitchen.
"Yes? Ready to go?" He asks me but stares at Hangeng.
"No, I just feel like calling out your name. Yes! Let's go!"

Ah! Kangin is so freaken annoying!!! I can feel him staring at us from behind. What's worse is that when I glare at him he just turns away and pretends not too notice.
"So Hannie, how are you?" Kangin behind us snorts.
"WOULD YOU SHUT THE HELL UP?!?" I yell. he just glares that me but shuts up. Hangeng is staring at me.
"Hangeng, how are you?"
No Reply. I smile softly.
"It's fine. You'll get your voice back soon enough."

Hangeng: "Heechul... I love you."

"Hey get Hangeng's stuff and get out quickly. We need to get back soon." Kangin informs us. I look up to see that we are already here.
"Fine. Lets go Hannie." We walk upstairs t his room. I walk in and grab his suit case that he hid under his bed.
"Hannie?" He was staring at his bed. "What clothes do you want?"
"I thought so. I'll just get the clothes you look sexy in!" I grin. Hangeng walks to his bed and sits, staring into space.

Hangeng: "I'm back home..."

"Okay, done. What other things do you need? Oh! Toothbrush! I'll be back soon Hannie~!" At that he looks at me. Once inside his bathroom I grab his toothbrush and hairbrush. I look at myself in the mirror. Bad idea.
"Oh god! I look HORRIBLE!!!!" I squeal.

Hangeng: "Heechul your too loud! I can hear you from here! Your beautiful, so it doesn't matter." He rolls his eyes.

"My hair! I look so tired! Ah! This is bad!" Oh no... I'll get myself ready once we get home. I walk in to the room and suddenly some is kissing me. I open my eyes wide and realize that it's Hangeng! Hangeng is kissing me!
"H-Hangeng?!" I'm so shocked I couldn't think stright. I melt in his arms. His tongue slips in to my mouth easily. Our kiss is hot and rapid. Like as if one of us was going to disappear in the next moment. Our tongues are fighting for dominance. He hits a sweet spot then and I release a small moan. It's been much too long. I've missed him so much. We both pull away gasping for air.
"H-Hangeng..." I whisper holding onto him tightly.
"Heechul." He then opens his eyes, revaling beautiful brown. He then slips his hands under my shirt. I look at him with want. Hangeng's eyes filled with lust. We start to kiss each other roughly. He pulls us to his bed, pushing me down so that he's on top of me.
"I love you." I whisper in his ear.
"I love you Heechul, I love you so much." He does the same, tickling me a bit
"I'm glad your back Hannie..." I giggle. He smiles softly then removes my shirt revealing my pink bra. He starts at my neck and goes down leaving a trail of little kisses.
"H-Hangeng...more" I can feel him smiling against my skin. Heat flows through my body. I can't take it. It's too hot.
"Of course my love." His hands then find their way to my bra strap. Anticipation fills me.I start to shake softly. It's been too long. His warm hands struggle to undo the strap. I smile to myself, I look at Hangeng so is staring at me.
"I'll do it you dope." He smiles. Right when my hands touch the lacey material, I hear Kangin in the living room.

"Heechul! Where are you?"
"Crap." I jump off the bed, Hangeng falling off the bed from my sudden movement, grab my shirt and putting it on. A second later Kangin walks into the room.
"Heechul! What were you doing?" He looks around the room, eyes falling on Hangeng. "What's wrong Hangeng? Why are you on the floor?" Then he gasps. "Hangeng you eyes!" I quickly look at him and see that I wasn't imagineing it. His brown eyes are really back. I get up and jump into his arms.
"Heechul?" He asks. I look at him with tears in my eyes.
"Hangeng!" I hug him tightly.
"Heechul!" He then hugs me back, pulls my chin up and kisses me softly. I suddenly remember what happened and how close we were to getting caught, I blush. When Hangeng pulls away he blushes too.

*cough cough*

We both look and see Kangin looking away.
"Hangeng it's great to see you back to yourself." He smiles walking to us. I roll my eyes and step away from Hangeng, still holding onto his hand.
"Weren't you the one who believed Hangeng was dangerous?" He then looks at the ground and mutters a sorry.
"It's fine Mr.Kim, I understand." He smiles and bows. It's great to hear his voice again. I missed his broken korean. His bitter sweet honey voice. I turn around and hug Hangeng once more. I put my head on his shoulder.
"Hangeng, I'm glad your back. I love you." I whisper loudly enough for him to hear.
"I love you too Heechul." He whispers against my ear and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. I smirk then earning a confused look from Hannie.
"Hannie, we will have to finish what we started once we get home." Hangeng blushes, smiles then nods.
"Hurry up kids! We need to get home and tell Leeteuk the good news." Kangin yells from the living room. He must have left without us knowing.
"Come on Hannie, lets go home." I pull him along, him smiling with eyes too mouthing the words 'I love you', and grab his suitcase on the way.

He Hangeng wouldn't stop staring at me, not that I care, I mean look at me! Who wouldn't stare? When I would look up to met his eyes, he would smile and kiss my hand, which was intertwined, with his. I would smile at him then turn around to glare at Kangin. He wouldn't stop laughing. I look at the empty streets with the exception of 4 other people walking quickly. Someone across the street seems to know Kangin and comes over with huge smile.
"Shindong! What up? I haven't seen to in a while! How's the family?" Kangin comes forward and shakes his hand.
"Hey Kangin! I'm fine, Nari's fine too and the children of course!" He yells out laughing. I roll my eyes. I want to go home~
"Kangin! I'm going home! I'll see you there!" I yell walking away from them.

Once far enough I put my cute act on.
"Hannie~~~~" I say cutely.
"Yes Chullie?" He smiles. I quickly lean over and kiss him. He seems shocked but agrees and kisses back right away. I try to control myself so I don't forget what I'm going to do. His tongue then slips into my mouth, I can taste myself from before. I pull away quickly and smirk up at him. He looks taken back but then grins and pulls me into a hug.
"You naughty girl. You need to learn a lesson!" His eyes filled with mischive.
"Oh really?"
"Oh yes!" He chuckles into my ear. I smile at that and stuff my face into his chest.
"Hannie, you have no idea how happy I am that your here. No idea how badly I missed you."
"I know. I'm sorry Heechul. I really am." He whisper, holding me in a tight embrace. I look up and see his god-like face watching me.
"I love you Hannie."
"As do I Chullie. I love you so much." I pull away and hold his hand feeling accomplished. I must be the happiest girl alive today.

"Hey Hannie-" Suddenly his hand goes stiff and cold. No...
"Hannie!" One look at his face and my heart breaks. That expressionless face is back, just like those black empty eyes that seem to haunt me.
"H-Hangeng. No. This can't be true! Hangeng! Please come back! HANGENG LISTEN TO ME!" My eyes filled with tears to the point where I can't even see properly. I break down and cry. I cry hard sitting on the street with Hangeng who is staring into space. Just a moment ago I was going to go home and have sex with Hangeng after half a year!!! I was finally going to be with Hangeng, nothing could have ruined it!
"H-Hangeng!" I managed to choke out. Tears are running down my face, I'm not able to control myself. He doesn't even turn his head. At that I cry harder. Suddenly Kangin is running down the street.
"Heechul! Heechul what's wrong! TELL ME!!!!"
"H-H-Hangeng... h-he's g-g-gone!!!!" Kangin then quickly looks at Hengeng with a confused look. Black, emotionless eyes met his.
"Oh." He helps me up. " I'm sorry maybe he'll come back again? I somehow knew this would happen." He mutters the last part but I heard him clearly. I give him my death glare. I turn to Hangeng and his eyes met mine.
"Hangeng... w-why?"

Hangeng: "Heechul! Please don't cry! I'm sorry! But it was to hard to control.I'm sorry! Heechul! Please! Please... don't cry." Hangeng swears that his heart just broke.

A/N: Yay~ chapter is out! Yay for long chapters!!! Sorry I feel like this chapter sucked, alot.T.T but really Hangeng can''t go back to being human that fast. :p
I suck at writing smut (even though it wasn't smut X0) *runs and hides* SORRY!!!! but i did have fun writing it! :D Did you hear? Heechul has a star named after him! Called heemin! *runs to go find it in the night sky*

Taken (6/?)

Title: Taken (6/?)
Pairing: HanChul, KyuMin, YeWook, KangTeuk later KiHae (girl!Heechul, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Donghae)
Genre: Angst (maybe?) AU, science fiction
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is out to get the human race, but what?
Disclaimer: Based off a dream, The movies: The Fourth Kind, The Crazies and Legion AND inspiration from a fic by x-escapism-x . This is also my first fanfiction ^^ and I sadly do not own Super Junior or G Dragon

Last Chapter:


Is this another dream? There is no way that Hangeng is standing in front of me.

Hangeng is standing in the doorway of his room staring at me. He's not doing anything just standing completely still.

"Hangeng? Is that really you?" A sudden wave of relief hits me and I start to tear up.
"Hannie i-is that you? I'm crying so hard that I couldn't see his face. I slowly take a step forward trying to control myself so i don't run into him. He takes a step backwards.

"Hannie what's wrong? It's me Heechul." I wipe my eyes so I can see him better. Then it hits me. His black, empty eyes stare right back at me.

"No..." I whisper. Part of my body is saying Hangeng is one of them. He's not the Hannie I knew and loved. He's... a crazy. But no. It is Hangeng! Whether or not he is a crazy, I still loved him. He told me before that he loved me and that will never change no matter what. I still love him too. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him these last past months since he disappeared. If I'm going to get killed well at least I saw Hannie before I died. Poor Leeteuk and Kangin, Sungmin and Ryeowook. I will never return home.



Kill...NO! HEECHUL RUN!! GET AWAY FROM ME! Kill... PLEASE HEECHUL! I don't want to kill you! Kill... NO!!! I will NOT kill Heechul! I can't! I love her! Don't make me do this!!! Please! Kill...


I'm still alive. Why aren't I dead? Shouldn't have Hangeng come and kill me already? I lower my arms, which were in front of me protectively. He just stands there, not moving, not doing anything . His eyes are still black and empty, filled with no emotion. I step forward very slowly towards him. I turn back to look at the window. It's sunset. Crap. I have like 5 minutes to get home. I turn back to look at Hangeng. Right then he looks almost worried. His eyes, just for a second, were back to normal, his beautiful brown eyes were back. I blink fast and look at him again. Black emotionless eyes. I must have been imagining it.

Hangeng hasn't attacked, yet at least. Crazies are known for attacking right away. Not standing and doing nothing. He's also not holding some type of weapon. All crazies carry a weapon, but then again Hangeng is a black belt. He can kill anyone he wants without a weapon. Does this mean he's not a complete crazy yet? Is he fighting the 'crazy' inside of him?

"Hangeng can you hear me?" I walk towards him with uncertain. I might be killed here tonight in my boyfriend's room. He then takes a step forwards me. I stop right then looking at him with fearful eyes. He takes a step backwards, going back to the same spot he was at. I wait a few seconds then stand a few inches away from him. I must be mental, standing this close to a crazy. I start to tear up once again, ever since he left I've become much more emotional.

"Please, Hannie of you hear me say something."
"Hangeng.. please." I cry out.
"G-Get a-a-away f-from.. m-me..." I look up and see Hangeng staring at me. His eyes are still black but he's talking.
"Hangeng?" I wipe my face with my pink shirt. "Can you talk? Are you ok? What's wrong? ANSWER ME!!!"
"H-Heechul... n-now... g-g-get away" He's having trouble talking. I look out the window, almost night. I have to go. I look back to him.

"Why? Tell me why! I haven't seen you in months!!! Even if you are going to kill me I'm not going to leave you alone!!!" I yell. Then something amazing happened, something so unexpected. He smiled. Hangeng was back. He smiled gently like has always done. He was back even if it was for 3 seconds. I couldn't help myself, I smiled back with tears rolling down my face. Then he was gone. No sweet brown eyes, no loving smile. He was gone, back to a cold hearted crazy. I felt like I was a little kid who lost their best friend. Part of me just died. I wanted him back so badly. I slowly raised my arm and touched his cheek. His warm skin was now ice cold. I couldn't really see it before but his loving light tan skin was now pale. It didn't look good, might I say. I might be close to death, maybe even asking for it, but I still will not tolerate Hangeng looking light this. He twitches a bit when my hand touches him. Then he goes back to be emotionless. I once again out the window. Night.

"No..." I breath. I look back up to Hangeng, who is staring at the wall. I grab his hand is start to pull him with me. Hopefully he won't attack me. We run down the stairs until we are both outside in the cold air. It is now October, so its cold. I should have brought a jacket. I look at Hannie who is just staring out into space. I start running towards home. I need to get home now! Leeteuk will understand right? When she sees Hangeng, she will be happy that nothing happened to him. But Kangin will think he is dangerous, having black eyes he will think he's a crazy. Hangeng isn't a crazy though, he hasn't attacked me at all.

Suddenly I hear a scream somewhere in the neighborhood I'm in. Crap, I'm still far from home. My heart is pounding so hard, I can hear it ringing in my ears. I stop running, gasping and choking, trying to breath and calm down. I swear I felt pressure around my hand, as if Hannie just squeezed it a bit. I turn to look at him. He is just looking at the ground. I smile quickly then look around for a place to hide. No way will I make it home. Those things will see us outside and take us. No way are they taking Hannie twice. I see a house with the front door open. I run as fast as I can (not very fast since I'm pulling Hangeng around too) into the house locking the door. The house is deserted, the family must have moved, just like how my family was planning. I hope they don't leave tomorrow morning, they better wait for me. I run downstairs to their basement and find a small room in the back. I run inside and pull Hangeng in. I quickly sit down against the wall in the corner pulling him with me. We sit down in silence, me gasping, and listen. When I'm finally able to breath normally I look at Hangeng. He's sitting down with his legs crossed looking at the wall. The room is quite small (which is good) and dark. I touch Hangeng's face again and he slowly turns his head to look at me. His dark eyes looking at me.

"It will be fine, don't worry" I smile softly. He continues to stare. Suddenly I hear something upstairs moving around. Oh no, they are inside the house. I feel the urge to scream but that will be a bad idea, I cover my mouth with my hand. Hangeng then slowly turns his head to look at the ceiling. There are 2 aliens upstairs, I'm sure they are looking for humans. Then I hear something coming down the stairs. My heart skips a beat. Hangeng turns his head form the ceiling to the door in front of us. I can sense it's presence in front of the other side of the door. My heart is beating fast, and I swear I can die right now. Then I hear it speaking some language I've never heard. It was creepy. Their voice was dark, deep, full of hate. It scared me. I feel something cold on my hand. I look up see Hangeng with empty eyes looking at me, his hand was on mine. I smile at him. If I'm going to be taken at least I'm with my Hannie. I look at the door once again and I see a sudden flash of light that burns, making me look away. 5 seconds later I look again and nothing was there. The presence of the thing was gone. I couldn't feel anything else with us. I sigh in relief. My eyes become watery and I felt like crying. I smile at Hangeng

"We are safe."



I'm sorry Heechul. I wish I could do something and protect you, instead your the one protecting me. Thank you. I'm sorry Heechul, I'm trying to overcome this feeling of wanting to kill but its too hard. Please Heechul leave me, you'll be safer that way. I see how worried you are. While watching you sleep, you seem so restless. Heechul... I'm sorry. Thank you. I love you. Kill...


I wake up in the morning, feeling horrible. My legs are sore from that run yesterday. Yesterday! I get up too quickly and almost fall over. I see Hangeng sitting in the corner staring into space. Hangeng! He's really here!!! I crawl towards him and sit in front of him.

"Hannie! I'm so glad to see you! I'm not too sure if you can hear me but... I love you. Please know that. I'm not going to leave your side once! Even if you do want to kill me, I'll never leave you alone." I smile sweetly. He looks up slowly and watches me.
I quickly kiss his cheek and look back at him. I don't know if he knows that I just kissed him, if he does he showed no sign of it. "Hannie... I love you." A tear rolls down my face.

"I think it's time we head back home Hannie. Leeteuk and Kangin are probably worried to death." They might think I'm dead or worse, taken. While we walk upstairs I realize something, Hangeng can't go outside. Crazies never go out during the day. I don't know why but what if he melts in the sun? I don't want that to happen to him. How am I going to take him home? I stop and think. I look up to see Hangeng (maybe it will help?) and see him about to walk out the door.

"Hangeng!! NO!!!" I yell running to him. I run outside worried of what I would see. "Hangeng?" He stands there in the sun looking around. He doesn't have a problem being in the sun, thank god, I sigh in relief. I finally look at what he is wearing. A white t-shit with a cute little kitten on it, a t-shirt that I gave him 2 years ago on Christmas, and black skinny jeans. He must have been wearing that when he was taken. He looks really tired, like he hasn't sleep in the passed months. His skin is pale but it seems like its getting tan again. I smile to myself. I grab his hand and start walking home. I'm finally with Hannie again after almost half a year of him missing. Now I just have to deal with Leeteuk and Kangin.

I'm so dead.

A/N: Yay chapter is up! They finally see each other again! <3 in case you don't get it, in Hangeng's POVs, you know how it says Kill... well he has the urge to kill, yep... so the crazy inside of him wants to kill Heechul really badly but of course Hannie does not want to kill her so its really hard. to Heechul it just looks like Hangeng is not doing anything and staring to space all the time but really he's fighting this other part of him the aliens put into him :/ ya... anyways hopefully I can post the next chapter by next weekend, second year of high school is alot harder than freshman year >.